Protest against Hungarian church leaders' ban of ringing church bells at the Trianon anniversary

Monday, June 11, 2012

Western European Hungarian Reformed Spiritual Care Services Bureau learned in the last minute that the three main Hungarian denominations rejected government's requests to ring church bells for one minute at the 93rd anniversary of the Trianon Dictate to commemorate the tragedy of the treaty. The church leaders argued that church bells can be rung only at liturgical occasions.

On behalf of all Hungarians, we condemn this argument in the strongest possible terms said the Western European Hungarian Reformed Spiritual Care Services Bureau.

This is a lame argument and untrue, certainly for protestants. It hurts to see that the leaders of the three Hungarian Christian churches were able to sign such a shameful declaration. The ringing of the church bells expresses for centuries the unity of Hungarians and Christianity; also, since 1456, it has been reminding Hungarians of the Nándorfehérvár victory.

The main question remains, why do church leaders feel discomfort when they have to commemorate of the greatest tragedy of the nation?


Western European Hungarian Reformed Spiritual Care Service Bureau – Enikő Zahn pastoral president, Albert N. Békássy secular president and secretary Miklós Tóth.

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Anonymous said...

yes, that is the real question! Why did they rejected to ring church bells? What are the real reasons?

Anonymous said...

There needs to be a focused theme on this issue - unity and justice. The early 20th century globalists, bankers, dynasties and their continuity of organizations and families (Rothschild, Sassoon, et. al. ) to the present need to be held accountable and financially responsible for their adventures and misdeeds.

The Churches are misguided on this issue and should not be the distraction to the main issue - unity, accountability and (financial) responsibility of those responsible for the 20th - 21st Century disasters of wars, Communism, globalization - New World Order.

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