Sister city agreement was signed between Budapest and Beijing

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sister city agreement was signed in Beijing by Budapest Mayor István Tarlós and Beijing Mayor Kuo Chin-Lung on Monday. "Friendly relations between the two countries are very important for the Hungarian government, and Budapest wants to contribute to this process by this agreement" said Tarlós after the signing ceremony.

Both sides worked hard to hammer out this agreement; it embraces areas like environmental protection, education, culture, media and trade said Tarlós.

Beijing is a big developing city of twenty million inhabitants facing major environmental hazards. That's why the environmental component has been incorporated into the document explained the mayor, adding that cooperation initially, will focus on education and culture. "We would like to host Chinese orchestras and organize art exhibitions and of course, we also would like to come to China and do the same," said the mayor.

Tarlós pointed out that Budapest Municipal Assembly unanimously supported the agreement and Budapest intends to fill the agreement with content.

Tarlós first met Kuo-Chin Lung in July last year, when the two politicians decided to raise cooperation between the two capitals to a higher level. Tarlós also received an invitation to the Beijing forum attended by more than a dozen city mayors.

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Anonymous said...

The Chinese always have their agenda for China only and we know what they did in Africa and South America, it is not positive, we have to watch out for them and never forget the chinese way of thinking which can be very dangerous for our nation!!

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