A fascinating lecture by an ex-KGB agent

Friday, July 20, 2012

It is a must see video for everybody who wants to understand what's happening in our world today. The lecture was delivered in 1983 in Los Angeles, but it has never lost its actuality.

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Anonymous said...

His description of the methodology and techniques of subversion are correct - particularly media manipulation and Cultural Marxism. The Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism strategy was to twist the definition of social "normal" and "abnormal" to create a new social "order". The Cultural Marxist "new" normal (political correctness) is a dysfunctional family characterized by infighting and a breakdown of the family - the freak-show we see on the streets today. The traditional functional family became defined as "abnormal" and out of place in society - marginalized. Once individuals are atomized with the breakdown of the family, community, Church - they are "putty in the hands of the (media) manipulators".

He is correct too with the substitution of artificial institutions substituting their legitimacy for the legitimacy of traditional institutions (family, community, Church, culture, heritage, tradition - the normal "order") as a technique of subversion.

A strong family - and by corollary - strong individuals, community, Church, Nation based upon culture, heritage, tradition and faith can easily defeat the Cultural Marxists (communists) and their subversive agenda. This is why Cultural Marxists are terrified of tradition and Nationalists - the Communists will be harshly dealt-with and defeated.

Anonymous said...

His South American examples are questionable - likely due to the need to be sensitive to the period the film was made - during the Cold War. Grenada, Nicaragua, Chile etc. were coup d'etats by the empire to maintain the economic extractive economy (hegemony) - neo-colonialism, neo-liberalism similar to what we see today. These are likely the models and experiments that form the basis of today's global financial scam.

Post-WW2 South America was on a path to (Nationalism) success until the empire turned its attention to disrupt and break-down much needed social and economic reform. Argentina was a case in point - very successful until post-WW2 disruption by the empire.

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