Another brutal (Gypsy) attack, this time against a German couple - the man was beaten and his wife raped

Friday, July 20, 2012

Gypsy criminals attacked a German couple in their Jánoshalma home, in Bács-Kiskun County. The male victim was savagely beaten and his wife was raped by the robbers said Bács-Kiskun County Police Department press officer Tamás Nyikos. Two of the perpetrators – a 37 year-old man and his 21 year-old son were arrested soon after the incident by police, the third suspect is still at large.

The incident happened on July 18 late at night in the outskirts of Jánoshalma. The perpetrators stopped the 57 year-old male victim near his house asking for a cigarette. The victim told them that he was not smoking, upon which the gypsy-criminals demanded money from the victim and without warning attacked him. The victim fled in his home but the criminals followed him. The victim's 48 year-old wife rushed out of the house to help her husband, but she was too punched several times; then, she fled into the bathroom, but one of the attackers followed and raped her.

Due to the attack, the male victim suffered facial fractures and his wife suffered undisclosed injuries – both have been hospitalized. The criminals took the couple's mobile phone and laptop as well as 500 thousand forints cash and fled the scene. Police quickly identified the three perpetrators and on Thursday morning father and son were arrested.

The son made a full confession and identified the third accomplice who took part in the robbery-home invasion; he is a 31 years old male and the resident of the town; police issued a nationwide arrest warrant for the third suspect.

(Notes: How do we know that the criminals were gypsies? The statement, “a 37 year-old man and his 21 year old son have been arrested” says it all. Local residents also confirmed that the perpetrators were gypsies.)


Two disgusting pieces of human garbage – father and son

The third gypsy has given himself up to police today.

The photos confirm what we have said all along, the perpetrators were gypsies. Ferenc K. senior is a repeat offender gypsy criminal and already served time for attempted murder. He was the one who raped the female victim.

It was 11 o'clock, and I heard the German man yelled frantically. "police, police" and begged to call the police said the neighbor who called police. The German man's face was bleeding and his partner came out of the house only after police arrived; she was utterly distressed said the neighbor.

48 year-old Sabina and her partner, 57 year-old Volker purchased the house six years ago. They traveled to Hungary three or four times a year, mostly during religious holidays, at Easter, Pentecost and Christmas. They arrived here last weekend and planned to go back home the next weekend.

They said they never ever want to step on Hungarian soil again. They remained firm in their decisions even after the director of the Kiskunhalas hospital personally apologized to them in behalf of the Hungarian nation for the horrors they had to experience while visiting the country.

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Anonymous said...

Deport all the Gypsies out of Europe all togther!, enough is a enough of their stealing and beating and murderous crimes committed by these Roma's!

Anonymous said...

The real problem is not the Roma but their sponsors, the very same forces that are behind the gay agenda.

Anonymous said...

No, it is just the Roma, that is the way they are.
I wish the gypsies would just go away.

Anonymous said...

- we are coming to hungary since 13 years by now.
there was no chance to get away, I didn´t even notice the first fist coming up, got K.O. immediately and was shoved by those individuals into the house, getting smashed every 10 seconds during about 20 minutes of time.. my girlfriend was knocked into her face several times. this was a really brutal attack, I doubt we would have survived if i could not have run out of the house in a moment they thought I was almost dead lying on the floor and called my neighbors for help. sorry for the Hungarian prime minister, there certainly IS a GIPSY problem, not only in Hungary, but throughout the world!!

Ex-Baranyai said...

I think the Day is very close when Hungarian 's gonna grab the .....weapon!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gypsies are attacking same way in Slovakia! We need Slovako-Hungarian Alliance! On guard our neighbours!

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