The body of a 25 year-old police psychologist, who disappeared a few days ago in Pécs, has been found

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

According to Pé, police found the body of Kata Bándy in a bushy area just a few hundred meters from her home.

The young girl celebrated her girlfriend's 25th birthday in a night club Saturday night. She left the bar in early Sunday morning but she has never arrived home.

The victim's top floor apartment

The 25 year-old worked as a psychologist at the Pécs police department; her colleagues suspected that something happened to her when she didn't show up for work on Monday -- her phone couldn't be reached either.

Police are conducting house to house search

The police psychologist was last seen at the Hungaria - Nagy Jenő Street junction around two o'clock in the morning by her friends. Surveillance cameras showing her leaving the Hospital square area and walking towards her Dugonics Street home.

The approximately 155 to 160 cm tall girl wore black top and orange knee-length skirt during the night of her disappearance.

"Saturday evening when I spoke to her on the phone she was in a good mood,” said her father.

The bar where she spent the night before disappearing

Today, police confirmed that the young woman is victim of foul play; in the mean time, the entire area of the crime scene and the neighboring streets have been sealed off by police due to the suspicion that the murderer might still be hiding in the area.

Pécs, Hungary's third largest city, is otherwise not a dangerous place, last year police investigated only one rape and seven murder cases.

The bushy area where her body was found

Police offering one million forints reward for information leading to the arrest of Kata Bándy's killer said National Police Chief József Hatala.

Latest reports suggesting that Kata Bándy was raped and strangled. There are signs indicating that the crime has been committed somewhere else and Bándy's naked body was dumped later to the bushy area where she was found said sources more familiar with the case.

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Anonymous said...

I have no words for this!!! That her life had to be end like this, very very sad!

I really hope they find the person or persons who did this to her (but also to her loved ones) and the send him/them to prison for life!

Anonymous said...

My prayers go out to her family.

Anonymous said...

Islam is the solution .. applying the islamic rules of punishments will make the human societies safer

Anonymous said...

In the UK this sort of crime is usually done by Muslims.

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