Budapest Public Transportation Company testing Chinese made electrical buses

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

For several weeks, Budapest Public Transportation Company (BKV) has been testing Chinese made electrical buses in the South-Buda region said BKV's spokesperson to MTI.

The 'eBUS-12' is made by Chinese manufacturer BYD and is equipped with latest battery technology; the bus has a range of 250 kilometers on a single charge and is capable of reaching a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour.

The vehicle consumes half the energy than a similar-sized, diesel-powered bus, and the battery takes only four hours to be fully charged.

The 12-meter-long vehicle has 25 seats and 55 standing places and it can carry roughly the same number of passengers as the diesel-powered buses that currently, make up the bulk of the transportation company's fleet.

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István said...

I can clearly remember when Hungary had their own bus making industry/factories. It is a shame that much of the Hungarian manufacturing and industrial sector is either in shambles or foreign owned. Now we are forced to buy buses from overseas.

Anonymous said...

The New World Order globalization agenda (parasite) is to de-industrialize Western society, relocate Western technology and industry to Asia for lower slave labor costs, lower environmental standards and higher profits. Twenty years ago Chinese industry consisted of iron food bowls. Today they have been given all Western technology and industry courtesy of the financial Rothschild parasite.

The financial parasite is shifting the centre of power and politics to Asia - leaving European society bankrupt and weak. A poor, broken European social society plus mass African + Asian invasion to Europe will complete the process of destroying Europe.

Nationalization of industry + resources combined with elimination of global trade agreements is needed to stop the process. The parasite thinks in terms of globalization, the ethnic citizen needs to think in terms of nationalism.

Anonymous said...

and don't forget stop to all third world immigration and repatriation of ALL non-europian immigrants.

We have to stop believing the lies that will destroy us, so the above is not racist or cruel, we have to defend ourselfes.

Also our borders have to be protected again and illigals who try to cross it, after one warning they must know they will be shot.

That will give the right and only message to other illigals.

No political correctness!

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