Csanád Szegedi resigns from all his positions in Jobbik

Friday, July 27, 2012

The smear campaign that uses my personal situation to slander Jobbik compelled me to take one of the most difficult decisions of my life writes Szegedi in a statement released to the press.

Since 2003, I have been dedicating all my energies to the party that I consider my own child and to the service of the nation; my today's decision has been motivated by the very same commitment.

Effective immediately, I resign from all my posts and functions in Jobbik. I resign as the head of Jobbik Szerencs organization and as the chairman of Jobbik Borsod-Abaúj-County organization as well as from the National Caucus; to prevent further attacks against Jobbik by enemy forces I pause all my domestic political activities and I continue my work solely as a member of the European Parliament writes Szegedi.

I ask those who are affected by the smear campaign against me to remember me as a person who worked diligently for the nationalist cause rather than what the liberal mainstream media suggests. Remember the “Árpád-striped” flag mission, the “Rovásírás” city sign campaign, the innumerable public forums that I held, the founding of the Hungarian Guard and the numerous demonstrations we have held together. Remember me as an activist that was able to inspire enthusiasm into the national radical camp in the most difficult times of our struggle for recognition.

Although, I feel enormous sadness because of my decision, I will always remember Jobbik as a party that is formed by great Hungarian patriots writes Szegedi.

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(Notes: Hey, Csanád! Cheer up! This is not the end of the road. You can always come back later, just stay away from public attention for a few years -- by then, we will live in an altogether different world, anyway. After all, you have done nothing wrong and all the good things you have done during those years far outweigh some of the small mistakes you made in a confusing situation.)


Anonymous said...

It is a sad reminder to all the danger of the liberal media. Boycott the liberal media and expose it for what it is - a dangerous, lying, gossip machine used to manipulate and undermine society.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but he lied and tried to bribe,he should go and if he has any remaining honour he should resign as EU MEP,but I guess the money counts more eh????

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