European nationalist organizations held their first meeting at Festival Boreal in Verőce, Hungary – Final Communiqué

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I. Festival Boreal – Final Communiqué

1. We agreed that we want to fight and will fight together against a common global enemy in defense of traditional values.

2. We agreed to the creation of a shared nationalist media

3. We agreed to start building an economic alternative based on monetary independence and economical exchanges between european nations and nationalists movements

4. We agreed that Festival Boreal will continue and will be hosted by
a different country each year. Next year, Italy will host the event.

Verőce, Csattogó-Valley

Roberto Fiore (Forza Nuova, Italy)
Martin Genc (HCSP, Croatia)
Manuel Canduela (Democracia Nacional, Spain)
Fredrik Becklin (Nordisk Ungdom, Sweden)
Olav Torheim (Målmannen, Norway)
Thibaut de Chassey (Renouveau Francais, France)
Bart von Gucht (Voorpost, Flanders)
Toroczkai László (HVIM, Hungary)


Anonymous said...

that is good!!! Only by working together we will succeed and will be victorieus over the enemies of our etnic groups and our countries...

Anonymous said...

Unity of the Nationalists !

Viva Europa !

Anonymous said...

this is good,keep going :)

Anonymous said...

Bravo to the Nationalists !

To take-on the globalists, we need to return to our culture, heritage and traditions of our respective peoples and work together on a common front - national, traditional Cultural hegemony.

We need to reverse and destroy the past century of Cultural Marxism (social engineering) and ensure solidarity of "... nations of the Northern Civilization, from Japan to Iceland." (

... We strongly believe that the only possible way to conquer the global enemy is via the alliance of the sovereign nations ..."

Anonymous said...

The struggle against the globalists needs to be engaged on many levels - cultural, economic, etc. and the academic. European Nationalist writer Tom Sunic has an interesting article ("Liberalism or Democracy? ..." It is an interesting, complex understanding of Western "Liberal Democracies". To deconstruct the globalist hegemony requires an understanding of its foundations.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating interview with Alexander Dugin on the "Eurasian Movement" to stop Western Global hegemony and (communist) Universalism.

"The status quo of the West’s liberal hegemony has become global. It is a Westernization of all of humanity. This means that its norms, such as the free market, free trade, liberalism, parliamentarian democracy, human rights, and absolute individualism have become universal."

"If you are in favor of global liberal hegemony, you are the enemy. If you are against it, you are a friend."


Anonymous said...

The idea is excellent however, the comments!
The globalists mixed up our language and Dugin too, uses the deceptive politically correct language when outlines his strategy. The commenters wonder why Dugin refuses to discuss the role of the Jews in running globalism -- Dugin considers the issue a conspiracy theory. It is understandable that he doesn't want to ruin his academic reputation by even marginally touching upon the Jewish question. This however, shows the difficulties lie ahead in rallying people under one umbrella group. The first small step in forming an anti-globalist platform is to cleanse our language from the deceptive concepts and start calling things by their true names. Those who are afraid of losing their livelihood due to 'speaking straight' can use “figurative or metaphorical language”, but rejecting issues altogether is wrong, to say the least. “Speaking straight” is a prerequisite otherwise, a proper diagnosis of the situation is not possible. Dugin also uses the false 'left-right' dichotomy, when the real division lies between globalists and nationalists.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at the Latvian anti-globalization group:

Anonymous said...

Good, but needs to be expanded with more countries.
Also, I am not sure what France is doing there (Trianon), especially given that HVIM organised this event.

Anonymous said...

British National Party TV ( has some good videos from the European Alliance Conference.

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