(Gypsy) horde assaulted police officers in the infamous Siófok Boulevard – police tried to cover up the incident

Monday, July 16, 2012

Police officers were assaulted on Siófok Petőfi promenade last week, but police kept silent about the incident for days, despite the fact that hundreds of onlookers watched the incident.

According to information obtained by Sonline, two groups of people got into an argument and started fighting when three policemen tried to calm them down; upon which gang members attacked the officers and continued assaulting them even when they were on the ground.

A few moments later a SWAT team arrived and put an end to the assault; several individuals have been taken into custody and one policeman has been taken to the hospital with undisclosed injuries.

Somogy County Police Headquarters issued a brief statement on Thursday indicating that two individuals have been charged with assault.

(Notes: How do we know that the perpetrators were gypsies? The incident carries all the finger prints of a classical gypsy assault. “Two groups got into an argument...”-- gypsies move around in hordes. “The Somogy County Police Headquarters issued a brief statement...”, but only after the news came to light and even then the statement had no information value whatsoever regarding the identity of the perpetrators. It is obvious that police tried to cover up the case; this happens only when gypsies are the perpetrators. Police hands are tied when persecuting gypsy criminals -- they are under order to cover up every relevant information that might disclose the identity of the perpetrators if they are gypsies. But the clearest sign yet the behavior of the controlled mainstream media; they didn't touch the story at all, while they are in general, happy to report even the most trivial incidents when no gypsies are involved.)

The following video shows gypsy criminals parading in Siófok with the obvious intent to intimidate the general public and small business owners – the incident took place a few years ago. As you can see in the video, not a single police officer was around despite the fact that the gypsy criminals threatened and insulted pedestrians and small businesses owners. This incident shows the ineffectiveness of law enforcement when it comes to persecuting gypsy criminals as police are under the control of those covert elements that are running gypsy crime in Hungary.

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Anonymous said...

Police - that's all ? Just the size of the mob is intimidating.

They are all feral aged MALES looking for trouble - they are not out with their girl-friends for a quiet night-on-the-town - it is obvious. A dangerous, roaming mob that SIZE requires the army to control.

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