Hungarian equestrian team is hopeful that the journey can continue soon

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Last week, Swedish authorities briefly detained members of a Hungarian long distance equestrian expedition and charged them with animal cruelty. As it turned out, one of the horses developed a minor hoof abscess and Swedish animal rights activists filed a complaint with police by greatly overreacting to the condition of the animals said the leader of the expedition Péter Csepin.

Swedish police detained the team members during the weekend, but later, the court dropped all charges against them as there was no evidence proving that members of the expedition intentionally caused suffering to the animals.

At the time of their detention, the group was already in the Swedish town of Amal seeking treatment for the injured hoof.

Meanwhile, Swedish authorities seized the horses forbidding members to get close to the animals.

Currently, the sick horse receiving anti-inflammatory drug at a local animal ranch in Amal. Csepin said that the eight-thousand-kilometer journey is not in danger as the owner of the ranch informed them that the horse is recovering nicely and Monday a Swedish veterinarian examined the animals, and was satisfied with their condition. The veterinarian's report will be sent to the Chief Veterinary Officer soon, who shall decide whether the Hungarian horses can continue their journey.

The team left Várpalota, Hungary on April 7 and has already traveled three thousand kilometers dressed in seventeenths century traditional costumes of hussars. The purpose of the journey is to popularize Hungarian hussar cavalry and tradition and to promote the equestrian sport.

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Anonymous said...

The irony of the post is it makes one long-for the traditional days of a normal (social) society - the period of these equestrian riders. A society where life goes on as normal, citizens are assumed to be competent enough to look after their own affairs - including tending to horses, neighbors mind their own business rather than snitching on fellow citizens, "politically correct" social do-gooders (gossip queens) are seen as fools (busy bodies) and socially marginalized, civil servants actually add-value to society rather than looking for something to-do and causing unnecessary trouble and violence, people could take-a-joke rather than politicizing the joke as a social statement and creating an incident for the thought police.

The media, state, institutions and their political clowns have corrupted society and made society hyper-sensitive to everything (!). A society where mistrust is rampant, children act like junior Marxists snitching on their parents, social busy-bodies are rewarded for acting like boy-scouts + girl-guides by snitching on everybody and everything.

Today, it is hard to believe how badly the social engineers have corrupted and destroyed civil society. It is a dream-come-true for Cultural Marxists and social control-freaks.

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