Jobbik deputy, Gyula György Zagyva's bike has been stolen from the parliament's bike rack

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The bike was locked on the bike rack located in front of the House of Representatives Office near the entrance of the building and has been stolen despite the fact that the Office Building is monitored by multiple security cameras and security guards.

The Jobbik representative added that most upsetting about the incident is the fact that today, thieves have become so brazen that they even steal from the House of Representatives Building. "If these kind of things can happen here, imagine what goes on in Borsod county?" said Zagyva (Borsod county is the most crime ridden part of the country thanks to the tacit promotion of gypsy crime by covert elements).

This is not the first time that Zagyva's bike has been stolen, as he often bikes to work when in Budapest. This was an expensive bike that I bought five years ago said the deputy. "We do not advertise it, but many Jobbik parliamentarians bike to work unlike LMP party members that ride bikes only during the election campaign,” said Zagyva.

This is the second bike that has been stolen from the same bike rack in a week. Last Tuesday, employee's expensive bicycle was also stolen from the same place. Security cameras didn't turn out concrete evidence as the thief wore baseball cap over his face while removing the bike from the rack.

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