Judoka Hedvig Karakas finished fifth overall in her weight class in London by competing with an injured leg

Monday, July 30, 2012

The other medal favorite, Hedvig Karakas lost her bronze medal fight in the 57 kg weight class against French judoka Automne Pavia and finishing fifth overall at her first Olympic tournament.

"I feel fantastic about my fifth place, because when I got injured, it was not even sure that I could come to the Olympics. The last time I met the French girl she had an easier time against me comparing to this fight, despite the fact that my leg hurt a lot" said Hedvig Karakas to MTI.

“In my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined that after such a serious injury Hedvig might win a fight. In the training camp in mid-June she suffered a muscle tear, which is in an optimum case takes about two and half months to heal. Hédi is the miracle of will, in a sense that she managed to compete with such an injured thigh muscle, despite the fact that she was hurt a lot." said the doctor of the Hungarian team in London Dr Péter Hidas.

Place of Birth: February 21, 1990, Szolnok, Hungary
Club: UTE
Coach: Illés Sándor

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