László Kövér: IMF can't ask anything new from the Hungarian government

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Hungarian government won't give in to blackmail by the International Monetary Fund (IMF); in fact, the international financial institution has nothing new to ask for said László Kövér at the eve of a new round of negotiations with IMF officials.

Minister of the Economy György Matolcsy was right when remarked that many people look at Hungary with envy regarding the country's budget numbers said the Speaker of the Parliament in M1 Sunday magazine by stressing that the new budget was the result of two years of hard work.

"Nobody in his right mind can expect from us that after two years of hard work, (...) when we've finally crossed the river, throw all these achievements into the trash can, especially if we take into account that the IMF did everything it could to hinder our efforts and now wants to dictate to us," said Kövér.

Eight months after the Hungarian government indicated that it wanted EUR 17-20 bln credit facility, a new round of negotiations will start on July 17 with IMF officials.

“The IMF has a big problem, it does not really know what to demand from Hungary". Before 2010, the IMF had done everything to undermine Hungarian state authority by manipulating the controlled government officials of the period who had functioned then as agents for behind the scene forces said Kövér.

Regarding the staged coup attempt against PM Viktor Orbán, Kövér remarked that the conspirators underestimated the Hungarian government's resolve and support; what happened was an amateur coup attempt rather than a serious conspiracy as the plotters "didn't not really understand the situation of the government and the consequences of their own actions,". They wanted to punish Hungary because "we have hurt the interests of some influential circles that can be measured in trillions," said Kövér.

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Anonymous said...

wait till Hungary has to open the market for the country's arable land in 2014, most of it will be bought by foreigners with money to enslave us.

We will loose one of the most important things we have, especially in the future when arable land will be very important.

Anonymous said...

Nationalize, nationalize, nationalize all assets from foreigners and repatriate all (debt) liabilities to foreigners.

Banking is fundamentally fraudulent - money is "created out of thin air" and repaid with interest to the international financial mafia - the World Bank and the International "Mafia" Fund and their private cartel of banks. "Economic Hitman" ( explains the scam to enslave nations.

There are two ways to increase the money supply to provide the "grease" for an economy to work:

1) Rothschild Banking "scam" - "borrow" money from private banks and the banks "create money out of thin air" - citizen-government incurs debt + fraudulent interest on money that never existed. A great scam - pay back money + interest on money that never existed but was instantly created on a computer - International Mafia Fund scam.


2) The state spends money into the economy creating demand for goods and services - no debt, no interest - the money is simply printed by the State Central Bank and spent into the economy by the State Treasury - increases the money supply without debt. What a great, obvious, no debt system ! Too bad all Western nations have been corrupted to play the Rothschild scam and become enslaved by debt. (

Anonymous said...

The IMF - World Bank should be directing its attention to offshore tax havens where the $trillions in loot is being stashed to avoid taxes. But, this is how the game is played - ignore the obvious theft and let the citizen pay the bill.

" .... a large part of the trillion dollar hoard belongs to around 92,000 individuals, an elite class of super-rich who make up 0.001 percent of the global population."

"Super-rich stash $21 tn in offshore havens"

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