Latest poll by Századvég: Jobbik support is stable

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

According to a latest poll by Századvég, in July Fidesz still leads among decided voters by 41 percent support; the socialist party has 24 and Jobbik 21 percent support. The fringe parties, LMP or the Gyurcsanyist party are a bit above or below the 5 percent threshold limit necessary to get any seats in parliament.

46 percent of respondents said that they definitely would participate in a parliamentary elections to be held this Sunday; the poll result shows a slight decrease in electorate activity in July comparing to past month's data. The rate of uncertain voters or those unsure of their party preferences increased slightly in July, currently 43 percent of the respondents belong to this group.

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Anonymous said...

Just is time for Jobbik to make some political gains before Hungary is sold out to the bankers.

Victor Orbán doing dirty deals behind closed doors with the IMF. "Democracy" is a great thing !

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