Márton Gyöngyösi: President János Áder's trip to Israel is a fiasco

Friday, July 20, 2012

President János Áder's trip to Israel is a fiasco both in terms of timing and content writes Jobbik deputy leader and the vice president of the National Assembly Foreign Affairs Committee Márton Gyöngyösi.

If we take into account the last two decades of diplomatic debacles President János Áder current trip to Israel tops the list.

The very fact that the Hungarian president accepted Simon Peres's invitation to Israel, who a few years ago admitted that Israeli interest groups bought up Hungary, in itself an indication of the colonial status of our country says the statement.

The fact that President Áder accepted the invitation to Israel shortly after his party mate, Hungary's second public dignitary, the Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly, László Kövér was declared persona non grata in Israel and openly accused of antisemitism for taking part in literary figure József Nyirő's reburial service made the trip scandalous. And Peres' invitation to Budapest is a provocation and an insult to the whole of Hungary writes Gyöngyösi.

We know that the Orbán government and the president's foreign policy ambitions are to demonstrate their determination to continue the fight against the artificially induced and imagined phenomenon of anti-Semitism. If President Áder thought that his servility could win good points for himself and for the Orban government he must be disappointed. He humiliated himself and his country in such a degree that it will make Zionists even more determined to attack our country in the coming months and years writes Gyöngyösi.



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