More people doubt police credibility in Kata Bándy's murder case

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An increasing number of people believe that police know everything about Kata Bandy's murderers, but don't have enough evidence to prove it. The main question is where was the girl's body for three days? (Notes: Kata disappeared in the early hours of Sunday and her body was discovered three days later in a wooded area about 600 meters from her home). People are convinced that if the body had been in the bush since Sunday as police claim people would have found it much earlier.

Police claim that László P. alone killed the psychologist, but this claim is supported only by the suspect confession, who at his arrest said: "I'll take the blame alone." László P. has given three testimonies and investigators used lie detector test eight times to see if the suspect is telling the truth, but authorities are silent about the test results.

During the press-conference on Saturday, Police Chief József Dakos said we no longer looking for more suspects, only a few minor details remained to be clarified. The principal investigator of the case, László Ruszák only listened Police Chief József Dakos – normally, always the chief investigator informs the public about the case. Kata Bandy's neighbors find the police account unrealistic.

No one believes that the suspect left her house and voluntarily went to the bush where she was murdered, as police claim said one neighbor.

According to the police account, the murderer dumped the victim's body to the bushy field Sunday morning and no one discovered it until Wednesday afternoon; this is beyond belief said one of Kata's neighbors.

I worked in the area Wednesday morning. We picked up garbage, but we didn't see any dead body there said one of the neighbors, János Csonka who very much doubts the lone assassin theory.

Local dog owners who frequent the area don't believe the police account either, dogs ​​should have sniffed out the smell of the decomposing body in the summer heat; according to them, the body was dumped there Wednesday afternoon. And the question is, could László P. carry the body to the spot alone?

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István said...

This is a terrible tragedy what happened. Politicians and the police must take more accountability and recognize that there is a trend here. If acknowledgement is not made then many more young Hungarians will die. If we acknowledge the problem then at least a solution can be found. Sweeping it under the carpet will not help.

Anonymous said...

"Democracy" (Rothschild)is the new religion - the new secular "god" and the new bible is the "rule of law".

Citizens hand over ALL their rights, with a pen, in a single 30 second event. After that, all they can do is hope, pray, protest and be manipulated by the "democracy" priests - the bureaucracy and technocracy who "know best". Rarely does the democracy religion act in the citizens' interest - only incidentally.

But this is the New World Order (Technocracy) folks - the bureaucracy-technocracy knows best - what they say is law (truth) - the "rule of law". The citizen is just a child to be managed and marginalized. It is occurring everywhere in the Western world - Greece, Italy, Spain, etc. - the same pattern - society run into the ground by "elected representatives" and the citizen is powerless to stop the decline.

The game is played with linguistics and deception - "democracy", "multi-culturalism", "racism", "rule of law", etc. - control language to keep the citizen-in-their-place. The conversation needs to change and the correct vocabulary ("New World Order", "Technocracy", "corportocracy", "corruption") applied to expose the "new religion" and bring it into disrepute.

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