Patriotic organizations paid tribute to the memory of Kata Bándy and other nameless victims of gypsy crime

Monday, July 23, 2012

A silent march by the Sixty-four County Youth Movement (HVIM), Jobbik, the Betyársereg, Pécs football fans and other patriotic organizations paid tribute to the recently murdered Kata Bándy and other nameless victims of gypsy crime in Pécs.

The event attended by the head of the HVIM László Toroczkai, Jobbik member of Parliament Zsolt Németh and the head of Jobbik local branch Gábor Gyimesi.

The procession stopped at the house of the murdered psychologist and the place where her body was found. They paid tribute to the young victim and all the other nameless victims of gypsy crime with a few minutes of silence, then the crowed -- about eight hundred -- sang the national anthem.

Along the procession route local residents waved with flowers from the windows of their houses expressing their solidarity with the marchers and their cause.

Remarks such as "We are with you all the way," could be heard from restaurants and sidewalk cafés as customers expressed their sympathy with the marchers.

When passing the gypsy killer's hideout, the crowd started chanting, “There is gypsy crime”.

At the beginning of the march a dozen globalist agent provocateurs showed up with signs but hardly anybody noticed them.

The march ended peacefully without confrontation with police that this time didn't provoke the crowed.

Agent provocateurs with their signs denying the existence of gypsy crime

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Anonymous said...

This is very sad.

There is all the "democracy", "judge" and "jury" members necessary for a legal trial available on the street paying tribute to the young lady. Time to go back to tradition - let the local folks decide local matters for themselves.

Godspeed to the Hungarians !

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