Picture of the day: Scenic spot of Crescent Lake in Dunhuang, China's Gansu

Friday, August 31, 2012

People visit the scenic spot of Crescent Lake in Dunhuang City, northwest China's Gansu Province, Aug. 30, 2012. Dunhuang, a major stop on the ancient Silk road well known for its Mogao Caves (Caves of 1,000 Buddhas), Crescent Lake and Mingsha Mountain, has witnessed a 40 percent increase in both tourists number and tourism industry's revenue in the first eight months in 2012 compared with the same period of last year.

(Xinhua/Guo Gang)

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Armenia breaks off diplomatic relations with Hungary

Ramil Safarov Sahib

Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan announced on Friday that Armenia breaks off diplomatic relations with Hungary due to the Hungarian government's decision to free an Azerbaijani convict, Ramil Safarov Sahib, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering an Armenian officer in 2004.

"Neither I nor the Armenian people can accept this decision” said the Armenian president.

Earlier, the speaker of the Armenian parliament canceled his visit to Hungary.

Press Officer of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Gábor Kaleta said that the Hungarian government still in the process of drawing up an official response to the Armenian decision.

Safarov studied language in Hungary within the framework of NATO's Partnership for Peace program. According to the indictment, one night in 2004 Safarov hacked to death his fellow Armenian soldier with an ax in the dormitory of the National Defense University College. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for premeditated murder in February 2007.

"My conscience was clouded as a result of the Armenian officer's insults and humiliating and provoking behavior, and I lost control," Safarov told the court in April 2007.

After returning home, Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev pardoned Safarov and as a result, he won't have to continue serving his life-sentence as it was hammered out in a bilateral agreement. Earlier, the Hungarian Ministry of Justice claimed that the Azerbaijani Ministry of Justice assured the Hungarian side that Safarov will continue serving his sentence in Azerbaijan.

The Hungarian Honorary Consulate in Yerevan was pelted with tomatoes by angry Armenian demonstrators soon after Safarov release was announced; they ripped off the Hungarian flag flying over the consulate building and trampled upon it as a sign of dissatisfaction with the Hungarian government's handling of the affair.

(MTI –

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Picture of the day: Disgusting! Fertilized chicken-egg contest held in New York

Thursday, August 30, 2012

(Photo source:

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Another brutal gypsy attack, the victim was lucky to survive the assault

Four gypsies invaded the home of the man shown in the video and without warning they started beating him with a piece of wood while demanding money. As a result of the assault and the torture the victim suffered broken ribs and other serious injuries. According to hospital officials, he was lucky to survive the brutal attack. Police arrested all four criminals including a father and son.

( -

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The self-appointed leader of the anti-fascists assaulted himself

Due to Budapest mayor István Tarlós' appeasing policies the hysteria campaign against the director of “Újszínház” and in fact, against the elected Hungarian government has gained momentum in recent days.

Wednesday, a few hundred, globalists rallied in front of the “Újszínház” demanding the resignation of director György Dörner.

At some point during the demonstration, the mentally and spiritually retarded self-appointed leader of the anti-fascists, Vilmos Hanti assaulted himself and tried to blame the incident on counter demonstrators. This is how szentkoronaradio contributor János Hajdutek reported the incident.

18:00 órától kezdődött az a tüntetés, melyen hazánk alja, így a drogosok, kommunisták és mindenféle magyarellenes kis szervezetecskék vonultak az Új Színház elé, hogy elkárogják a rettegés szonettjét. Természetesen ezúttal is voltak hazafiak és honleányok akik a színház épületénél kifejezték a véleményüket, de őket - indoklás és jogalap nélkül - a sündőrség emberei kinyomták a közterületről.

Munkatársunk éppen hazafelé tartott a helyszínről, mikor a Hanti Vilmos névre hallgató, Magyar Ellenállók és Antifasiszták Szövetsége nevű bohóc szervezet lelkes aktivistájába (egyúttal a szervezet egyedüli szimpatizánsa, továbbá elnöke - a szerk.) botlott. Hanti szúrós szemmel meredt a kollégánkra, aki erre egy ,,Adjon az Isten!" köszöntéssel üdvözölte, mert mint azt a szerkesztőségben elmesélte, nem ismerte föl Vili bátyánkat.

Több sem kellett a nagy antifasisztának, ököllel arcon vágta saját magát (!), majd elkezdett torka szakadtából segítségért üvölteni. Természetesen látták rajta a járókelők, hogy sajnos nem teljesen beszámítható a bácsi, így senki sem figyelt fel a kis hisztijére. Biztos ami biztos alapon, kollégánk felajánlotta, hogy mentőt hív, de a Magyar Ellenállók és Antifasiszták Szövetségének egyszemélyes hadserege nem kívánt élni a felajánlott segítséggel.

A helyszínről tudósított Hajdutek János

In the mean time, the socialist party started flirting with the idea of boycotting the next national election (due to the party's poor standing in the opinion polls ed.). Socialist party strategists and their foreign backers might use the pre-election registration proposal by the Fidesz government as a pretext to boycotte the national election.

They are betting on the expected international outcry and hoping that the “international community” will put pressure on the elected government and as a result, they can come back to power to continue their treasonous policies for the benefit of their foreign masters.

The enemies of the nation are worrying that the Fidesz government's policy of small steps might bear fruit even in the short run. They are terrified even from the idea that the government's eastern policy might succeed and the puppet masters could lose control over the country.

Socialist party strategists understand that if the pre-election registration proposal becomes law the socialists will have much less opportunities to mobilize their illiterate gypsy voters and commit an election fraud, as the party won all previous elections by fraudulent practices. Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany confirmed this fact in his infamous Öszöd speech.

Looking at the latest opinion polls, there is a good chance that the socialist party might be relegated to a small party status at the next national election.

The socialist deputy-speaker of the parliament István Ujhelyi already alarmed by the prospect of losing grip on power. The socialist party has to keep in mind that just by participating in the national election will legitimize an anti-democratic system said the globalist agent.


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“A hatodik Koporsó” (The sixth casket), a play by István Csurka has been blacklisted

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Budapest mayor István Tarlós caved in to Jewish pressure and forced director György Dörner to remove “A hatodik Koporsó” (The sixth casket) from the repertoire of “Újszínház” (New Theatre).

MTI, the official Hungarian news agency reported that director György Dörner notified the mayor of his decision of not going ahead with the controversial production.

Obviously, the official story has as much truth values as Clinton's official account of his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

A few weeks ago, Dörner was still certain that the production would go ahead as planned; then, Jewish organizations unleashed a hysterical campaign pressing mayor István Tarlós to use his influence with Dörner and force him to remove the play from the theater's repertoire. And this is exactly what happened, there are no surprises here.

The play has been written by playwright István Csurka (1934 - 2012) who in his lifetime, consistently refused to use the dishonest politically correct language in official and unofficial communications; as a result, he was stigmatized and branded as an antisemite and his works were blacklisted in the democratic era of the post-Soviet period (How do you like that?).

“A hatodik Koporsó” (The sixth casket) elaborates on the Jewish role in partitioning Hungary in Trianon.

György Dörner is known to be a nationalist and patriotic director and his appointment to the top job a year ago already caused a huge uproar among globalists and their supporters.

It is also possible that Dörner has realized the seriousness of the ongoing attacks on the country by behind the scene forces and he just didn't want to open a new front in the war; rather, he chose to retreat, at least for the time being by postponing the production to a later date.

I'm certain that blacklisting the play is not the end of the convoluted story of the small theater, the only one perhaps that is not under the control of the globalists.

However, there is a silver lining behind this incident. Bullying the mayor into submission will awaken many people still not fully understand the hazards of the approaching new world order that has the potential of being far more oppressive than the Soviet era was.

The play can be downloaded in pdf format from HERE!


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Jean Baudrillard: Rituals of transparency

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The uncertainty of existing, and consequently the obsession of proving our existence, prevails over desire that is strictly sexual. If sexuality is putting our identity on the line (down to the fact of having children) then we are really no longer in a position to devote ourselves to this task, for we too preoccupied with saving our identity to undertake anything else. What matters above everything else is proving our existence, even if that is its only meaning.

This can be seen in the recent graffiti in New York or Rio. The preceding generation said:”I exist, my name is So and So, I live in New York.” These signs were pregnant with meaning, which even if almost allegorical was that of the name. The recent graffiti is purely graphic and undecipherable. Implicitly it still says: :I exist,” yet, simultaneously, “I have no name, I have no meaning, I have nothing to say.” The need to speak, even if one has nothing to say, becomes more pressing when one has nothing to say, just as the will to live becomes more urgent when life has lost its meaning. As a result, sexuality is relegated to a position of secondary importance, to an already luxurious from of transcendence, of a waste of existence, while the absolute urgency is simply to verify this existence.

I recall a particular scene of a hyper-realist exhibition at Beaubourg, of flesh-colored, absolutely realistic and naked sculptures, or rather mannequins in unequivocal, banal positions. The instantaneousness of a body which is meaningless and which has nothing to say but simply exists, has a kind of stupefying effect upon its spectators. The reaction of the people was interesting. They leaned over to see something, to look at the texture of the skin, the pubic hair, everything, but there was nothing to see. Some even wanted to touch the bodies to test their reality, but of course that didn't work because everything was already there. The exhibition didn't even fool the eye. When one has been visually deceived one takes pleasure in guessing, and even if there is no intent to deceive, to fool, the aesthetic and tactile pleasure produce by certain form involves a kind of divination.

All that remains here is the extraordinary technique by which the artist erases all the signals of divination. Not even a trace of illusion remains underneath the veracity of the hair. Precisely because there is nothing to see, people approach, lean over and flair out this hallucinating hyper-resemblance, haunting in its friendliness. They lean over to see an astounding thing: an image where there is nothing to see.

Obscenity lies in the fact that there is nothing to see. It is not a sexual obscenity, but the obscenity of the real. The spectator does not lean over out of sexual curiosity, but to check the texture of the skin, the infinite texture of the real. Perhaps our true sexual act consists in this: in verifying to the point of giddiness the useless objectivity of things...

Where does this fascination comes from? Certainly not from seduction (seduction always challenges this pornography, this useless objectivity of things). In truth we never really look at these images. Looking implies that the object viewed covers and uncovers itself, that it disappears at every instant, for looking involves a kind of oscillation. These images, however, are not caught in a game of emergence and disappearance. The body is already there without even the faintest glimmer of a possible absence, in the state of radical disillusion; the state of pure presence...

Do we desire this fascination? Do we desire this pornographic objectivity of the world? How can we know? There is without doubt a collective giddiness of escape into the obscenity of a pure and empty form, characterized simultaneously by the excessiveness of sex and its disqualification, as well as by the excessiveness and degradation of the visible. This fascination also concerns modern art, whose objective is quite literally to no longer offer itself to the gaze, to defy all seduction of the gaze. Modern art exerts only the magic of its disappearance...

Sexual liberation, omnipresent pornography, information, participation, free expression – if all this were true it would be unbearable. If all this were true we would really be living in obscenity, in the naked truth, in the insane pretension of all things to express their truth. Fortunately, the destiny of things protects us, for at their culmination , as they are about to verify their existence, they always undo themselves and thereby plunge back into the secret.

No one can say if sex has been liberated or not, or whether the rate of sexual pleasure has increased. In sexuality, as in art, the idea of progress is absurd. However, obscenity and transparency progress ineluctably, because they no longer partake in the order of desire but in the order of the frenzy of the image...The obscenity of our culture resides in the confusion of desire and its equivalent materialized in the image; not only for sexual desire, but in the desire for knowledge and its equivalent materialized in “information,” the desire for fantasy and its equivalent materialized in the Disneylands of the world, the desire for space and its equivalent programmed into vacation itineraries, the desire for play and its equivalent programmed into private telematics. It is this promiscuity and the ubiquity of images, this viral contamination of things by image, which are the fatal characteristics of our culture.

(The Ecstasy of Communications by Jean Baudrillard, page 29)

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Attention! Too much political correctness makes you stupid

Ever eager Nazi hunters and victims of political correctness found the popular Hungarian candy brand called “Negro” a racist manifestation.

Negro is a very popular candy brand in Hungary due to its medicinal qualities. People taking it to relieve the pain of sore throat; its use is indicated by an image of a chimney sweeper right underneath the name of the brand. But for those who are suffering from 'softening of the brain' syndrome due to 'political correctness' overdose even that graphical clue is too little to understand what the product is good for.

Photo: jani's flickr page

( - -

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Picture of the day: The General Assembly of Hungarians held in Bösztörpuszta on August 17-20

Monday, August 27, 2012

The photos have been made at the “MOGY” (The General Assembly of Hungarians) that was held in Bösztörpuszta on August 17-20. The General Assembly of Hungarians is another major traditional event of the summer with lots of equestrian performances and programs organized by the “Magyarok Szövetsége”.

(Photos: –

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An archetypal globalist foot-soldier

One typical globalist activist with strong homosexual tendencies. Police detained the man briefly for trying to assault a photographer during the Hungarian Guard's weekend anniversary celebration at “Hősök tere”.


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How To Make Baking Soda Molasses Cancer Protocol Solutions

Sunday, August 26, 2012

An excellent must read article on the subject HERE!

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More than a thousand Hungarian Guard members remembered the founding of the organization five years ago at “Hősök tere”

Saturday, August 25, 2012

In a sweltering heat, more than a thousand participants took part in a march on Andrássy Avenue to remember the fifth anniversary of the founding of the Hungarian Guard. At the end of Andrássy Avenue a few dozen globalist agents, Hungarian-haters, dupes and Pussy Riot supporters staged a counter-demonstration.

Police closed off “Hősök tere” and the surrounding area from traffic. At the “Hősök tere” subway station some minor scuffle broke out among patriots and the anti-Hungarian demonstrators.

Police took custody three Pussy Riot supporters for wearing masks, as wearing masks in public is against the law in Hungry.

( – photos: -

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140 new members of the Hungarian Guard sworn in at Dunaföldvár in a secret location

While police invaded Csókakő to disrupt the alleged inauguration ceremony of 140 new members of the Hungarian Guard, the new recruits swore in in a secret location in Dunaföldvár.

Csókakő is the small town that recently erected a Horthy monument and is under attack by anti-Hungarian forces ever since.

Police designated Csókakő an operational area in order to maintain law and order and public security said the head of Fejér County Police Force. Police limit access to the town and everybody will be checked at checkpoints said county police spokesman to MTI.

While the police operation was underway in Csókakő, at Dunaföldvár in a secret location 130 new members of the Hungarian Guard and 10 new gendarmerie recruits swore in reporting quoting confidential sources.

The inauguration ceremony attended by Jobbik President Gábor Vona, Jobbik vice-Presidents Levente Murányi and János Volner, Executive-Director of Jobbik Gábor Szabó and Péter Schön.

The previous day, leaders of the Hungarian Guard conducted misleading phone conversations to fool police and turn the illegal act of tapping and intercepting phone conversations against those who are perpetrating them. They sent “decoy guard members” to Csókakő dressed in uniform walking on the streets giving the impression that the Hungarian Guard is about to stage a major operation in the town.

The police operation was excessive said Csókakő mayor György Fűrész to MTI. According to his estimation, about 300 officers took part in the operation, despite the fact that there was no Hungarian Guard member in the town.

If the New Hungarian Guard would have had any intention to conduct an inauguration ceremony in the town it is likely that local authority had known about it as any such public event needs the permission of the municipality said the mayor.

He confirmed that there are road closures around the town only residents are allowed to cross the road blocks. The town is deserted, all cross traffic stopped, several tourists and resort owners are turned back at the town borders.

(Notes: Despite all the hubbub and hype around Csókakő, I think that today's events were staged by police and the so called “security” operations were part of a larger strategy game of which we don't know all bits and pieces, yet by observing today's world events, we can have good guesses what's has been going on in this obscene political theatre)

( -

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Interview with Michelangelo Naddeo about the ancient history of Hungarians

Friday, August 24, 2012

To learn more about Mr. Naddeo's archaeological research visit:

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Long distance arch shooter József Mónus sets new world record

Hungarian long distance arch shooter József Mónus sets new world record of 653 m at an international archery tournament held in Ergun city, Inner Mongolia, China.

With a homemade bow and arrow, Mónus smashed all records by over 145 meters including his own previous personal best he set at the same tournament in 2010.

The result has been validated by Mongolian, Chinese and Turkish judges. Tournament organizers erect a new monument in honor of the new world record similar to Eshunkei's record set in 1226. Eshunkei's stone monument called “Genghis Khan's Stone” is on display in St. Petersburg's Hermitage Museum.

The tournament has been attended by more than one hundred competitors from 11 countries.

The tournament's second best result also went to a Hungarian, the 15 year-old Csongor Posta.

In 2010, Mónus broke Eshunkei's record set in 1226 with a new personal best of 603 meters.

(MTI –

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New monitor backgrounds based on Kurultaj images

This is how my monitor looks like

The first two monitor backgrounds based on Kurultaj images are here to download. The images fit on wide-screen monitors, (1920x1200) with the aspect ratio of 16:9.

More artworks are in the pipeline, stay tuned.

Click the the “Monitor Backgrounds” at the top of the page and download the images.


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The Hungarian Guard is five years old

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Hungarian Guard celebrates the fifth anniversary of its founding on August 25 2007.

For the occasion, a big celebrations is planned at “Hősök Tere” on Saturday 25 starting at 3:30 pm.

The key speakers at the event include Loránt Hegedűs Jr., Jobbik Party President Gábor Vona, Sándor Horka, József Ináncsi, Attila László, the head of HVIM László Toroczkai and Tibor Ágoston.

( -

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More than half of Americans depend on government subsidies

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A protestor holds a sign during a demonstration against unemployment benefit cuts on July 11, 2012 in Oakland, California. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/AFP)

Government dependency is on the rise, with more than half of all Americans relying on the government for survival. While the Obama administration is broadening eligibility, US citizens increasingly also say they prefer it this way.

Americans’ self-reliability has been decreasing as eligibility for Medicaid, food stamps, earned income tax credit, work pay tax credit and unemployment benefits have broadened since 2009 to allow more US citizens to enjoy them.

More than half of the US population – 165 million of 308 million Americans – is now dependent on the state in some form. Of these, 107 million Americans rely on government welfare, 46 million seniors collect Medicare and there are 22 million government employees.

The number of Americans on welfare have increased from 97 million to 107 million since President Obama took office, according to research by Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee Jeff Sessions. The number of Americans on food stamps during the president’s term has risen by more than 14 million.

“Under Obama’s plan, you wouldn’t have to work and wouldn’t have to train for a job – they’d just send you a welfare check,” stated a recent anti-Obama television advertisement.

And it seems that Americans increasingly want it that way. In 2011, a report by Globescan showed that the number of US citizens who believe in the strength of a free market economy dropped to 59 percent from 74 percent in the previous year, falling below Brazil and China. When Globescan first conducted this survey ten years ago, 80 percent of Americans favored a free market economic system.

Those with the lowest annual incomes were more likely to oppose a free market economy.
This year’s annual Index on Dependence on Government, released in February, found that since 2008, the American people’s dependence on government has grown by 23 percent.

The US government broke a record last year, spending the most on federal assistance in the nation’s history.

The Heritage Foundation found that on average, Americans who depend on federal assistant received $32,748 in annual benefits, which is more than an average American worker makes in a year. In 2011, the median annual paycheck was reported as $26,364.

“We expect the government to take care of us from the cradle to the grave,” said an analyses in the Economic Collapse blog.

In 2010, more than 70 percent of federal spending went to dependence programs – which is almost 2.5 times more what it used to be fifty years ago. In 1962, only 28.3 percent of federal spending was used for these purposes.

But the cost of these programs does not go to those who reap the benefits. Half of all American households pay no income taxes – the very half that is most likely to be granted welfare and food stamps.

As government dependency increases, the cost of federal assistance programs will decrease with less people paying for it.

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Picture of the day: Horseback riders -- Bösztörpuszta


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The Hungarian government denounces soccer fans for disrupting the Hungary-Israel soccer match

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Government of Hungary condemning soccer fans for disrupting the Hungary-Israel soccer match on August 15 by chanting antisemitic slurs says the statement issued by the government today.

The government of Hungary defends the rights of everyone as they are specified in the new Constitution and combats all racial, religious and ethnic discrimination says the statement.

The government condemns these sorts of incidents even if they do not directly violate the law, and therefore, there is no legal basis to bring charges against those involved in them.

In international relations, the Hungarian government always use the principle of friendliness, therefore, it calls upon all Hungarians to follow the same principle when interacting with the citizens of other nations concludes the statement.

(MTI –

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Hungarian government threw a lavish party for the Olympic champions at Puskás stadium on the national holiday

President János Áder and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán greeted the athletes of the London Olympics in a lavish ceremony at Puskás Ferenc Stadium.

President János Áder and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán congratulated the athletes one by one, then Kossuth-prize winning singer Erika Miklósa performed the national anthem. Áder said we have come here today to thank the athletes for the spectacular achievements and for the unforgettable two weeks they gave us in London. You have provided all Hungarians with joyous moments and made your compatriots forget their everyday routines and worries of life said the president.

Áder also thanked the athlete's family members, coaches, doctors and masseurs for helping the preparation of the athletes as well the fans for rooting and supporting the team in London.

After the welcoming speech by the President the athletes got on a convertible bus, which took them around the stadium while confetti guns shot a multitude of red, white and green pieces of paper into the air.

( – photos: –

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Israel demanding an apology for antisemitic soccer incident

Monday, August 20, 2012

At the Hungary-Israel soccer match last week, Hungarian soccer fans allegedly shouted anti-Semitic slurs during the Israeli national anthem in the Puskás stadium.

They chanted slogans like “Buchenwald,” the name of a Nazi death camp, while Israel’s national anthem was played.

In addition, dozens of fans turned their backs to the field in protest and praised Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, an ally of Nazi Germany reporting Israeli newspapers

And to add insult to injury, they displayed Iranian and Palestinian flags during the friendly match that ended in a tie.


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