Long distance arch shooter József Mónus sets new world record

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hungarian long distance arch shooter József Mónus sets new world record of 653 m at an international archery tournament held in Ergun city, Inner Mongolia, China.

With a homemade bow and arrow, Mónus smashed all records by over 145 meters including his own previous personal best he set at the same tournament in 2010.

The result has been validated by Mongolian, Chinese and Turkish judges. Tournament organizers erect a new monument in honor of the new world record similar to Eshunkei's record set in 1226. Eshunkei's stone monument called “Genghis Khan's Stone” is on display in St. Petersburg's Hermitage Museum.

The tournament has been attended by more than one hundred competitors from 11 countries.

The tournament's second best result also went to a Hungarian, the 15 year-old Csongor Posta.

In 2010, Mónus broke Eshunkei's record set in 1226 with a new personal best of 603 meters.

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Does Mo'nus now teach archery?

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Gunpowder From Urine Part 2

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shoot straight

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