Márton Gyöngyösi: Hungarians are more interested in finding their ancient roots, then the fictitious Finno-Ugrian theory

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Eastern opening is a national interest said Jobbik deputy-leader Márton Gyöngyösi, at a press-conference on Saturday in Bugac where the Hun-Turkic-Hungarian people's tribal assembly, the Kurultaj is being held.

According to Gyöngyösi, the huge public interest in the event indicates that Hungarians are more interested in finding their ancient roots than the foggy theories of Finno-Ugrian origin (pursued by the enemies of the nation ed.).

Kurultaj helps Hungarians finding their way back to their ancient roots, therefore the duty of the political establishment is to implement this sense of community experience in official government policies.

Hungarians have dual identity due to the “Honfoglalás”, the conquest that made the founding of the Hungarian state possible; on the other hand, Hungarians eastern origin remains an essential spiritual and cultural component of national consciousness. Therefore, it is essential to re-establish a healthy ratio of the two, because in the last 150 years, emphasis has been shifted as the political establishment pursued an all western policy course.

One of the most important messages of Kurultaj is that we are not an isolated people said Gyöngyösi. We have to embrace the Scythian-Turanian nations and communities that see us as brothers and sisters said deputy leader of Jobbik and the vice-President of the National Assembly Foreign Affairs Committee.

Jobbik welcomes government efforts to adopt an eastern strategy, even if this policy at this point exists only "on the rhetorical level," because it is an essential Hungarian national interest. Jobbik, however, is urging the government to take more concrete steps in this direction.

Jobbik vice-president Előd Novák, who also took part in the press-conference, said in the spirit of expanding the eastern opening Jobbik will ask the government to establish and fund a prehistoric research institute and organize a Turanian World Summit. Jobbik also asking the government to establish a fund that would be used to finance action films dealing with the ancient history of Hungarians.

Novák also announced that Jobbik will table a draft resolution in parliament on Monday aiming to regulate the use and wear of traditional artifacts during cultural events.

(MTI – hungarianambiance.com)