Video about the mass transportation of gypsies to polling stations during the weekend election in Tiszavasvári

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It was leaked that the gypsies received pasta, flour and canned food for supporting the independent candidate with their votes who despite the massive voter fraud lost the election.

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Hungarian Ambassador to Oslo Géza Jeszenszky can't attend the Holocaust and Religious Minorities Symposium

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hungarian Ambassador to Oslo Géza Jeszenszky has been asked by the Norwegian Institute of Holocaust and Religious Minorities to stay away from the Tuesday's International Wallenberg Symposium due to his recent remarks he made during a university lecture tour on the causes of degenerative disorders among gypsies in Hungary.

The management of the institution came to the conclusion that by speaking the truth Jeszenszky's presence would jeopardize the outcome of the symposium. Jeszenszky's rebuff is all the more interesting because the Hungarian Embassy in Oslo is one of the organizers of the symposium.

The management of the Norwegian Institute of Holocaust and Religious Minorities made known its decision soon after Jeszenszky's lecture notes appeared in the media in which he confirmed that inscestous relationship is an accepted practice among gypsies in Hungary (and everywhere in Eastern Europe): “The reason why many Roma are mentally ill is because in Roma culture it is permitted for sisters and brothers or cousins to marry each other or just to have sexual intercourse with each other” writes the ambassador.

Jeszenszky has been under attack ever since his lecture notes leaked to the public despite the fact that he rejected the allegations of racism several times in the past.

Due to international outcry over Jeszenszky's lecture, the Hungarian diplomacy went into damage control mode -- institutions and individuals started distancing themselves from the ambassador.

The ministry of foreign affairs and the Corvinus University were among the first that dissociated themselves from the plain talking ambassador.

"Jeszenszky has written the questionable notes as a lecturer and not as an employee of the ministry of foreign affairs or as Hungary's ambassador to Oslo. Although the mentioned paragraph can be misinterpreted, Jeszenszky's entire life and his recent publications demonstrate his support for minority rights," says the foreign ministry statement.

Jeszenszky also started backtracking on the issue; to ATV magazine on Tuesday he said if he had written the lecture today he wouldn't have included the controversial paragraph in the draft, which was in fact a quote from the Journal of Medical Genetics. Then, he apologized to everyone who felt offended by the remarks. I encourage everyone to read the entire text rather than just a single paragraph of it that has been taken out of context to get a clear picture what the lecture was all about.

It turned out that it was Professor László Karsai, the most acclaimed Hungarian holocaust researcher of the University of Szeged who alerted the organizers of the holocaust symposium about Jeszenszky's lecture.

László Karsai, who was also among the invited guests, as a protest over Jeszenszky's invitation pulled out of the event. Anton Weiss-Wendt one of the organizers of the symposium said Jeszenszky's lecture included biased and unsubstantiated allegations against gypsies, which were not supported by any evidence.

In order to protect the institution and the dignity of the event and to prevent others from canceling their participation over the issue we asked ambassador Jeszenszky not to attend the symposium said Anton Weiss-Wendt.

Jeszenszky replied by e-mail, but this time he used the term "inbreeding" rather than incest and claimed that the Roma community had no notion of the dangers of incest said Anton Weiss-Wendt.

After removing ambassador Jeszenszky from the guest list organizer sent a new invitation to professor László Karsai who this time accepted the overture.

(Notes: This controversy is a classic example of how to make a mountain out of a molehill; in addition, it demonstrates that the official dogma of our time just as tyrannical as the tenets of the church were in the middle ages when the inquisition burned hundreds of thousands of people at the stake even for minor disagreements with the official doctrine of the time. Galileo had to recant his teaching on the constellation of the planets even if the idea was already a common knowledge in antiquity and every leader of the church knew he was right. Today is no different, people are getting persecuted for telling the truth even over minor issues like the Roma's sexual practices. Half a century ago, Orwell foresaw the return of the time, when universal deceit rules and telling the truth once again becomes a revolutionary act.)

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Unofficial election results indicate landslide Jobbik victory in Tiszavasvári

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The independent candidate who perpetrated the election fraud has been decimated. Jobbik candidate Erik Fülöp won the election even by larger margin than in 2010. The Hungarian people are waking up.

Approximate results:
1. Erik Fülöp 51% (Jobbik)
2. Zsolt Ráduly 36% (Independent)
3. Tímárné 10% (Socialist party)
Independent candidate Zsolt Ráduly who perpetrated the election fraud could win only in three ridings where gypsies are the majority, but even there only by a small margin.

According to experts, in the 10th riding where large-scale voter fraud has been perpetrated a new election will be held; this means that if the gypsies won't vote this time that riding might also go to Jobbik. (Normally, the majority of gypsies don't bother to vote unless they are bribed)

The local electoral commission ruled that in District 1 and District 8 new elections should be held withing 30 days due to voter fraud.

After witness hearings and studying police records the electoral commission found that indeed organized transportation of voters took place during the weekend election in the mentioned districts, which affected the outcome of the vote.

The ruling is not final; if no one appeals the decision within 2 days it becomes final.

( -

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Advance voting underway in Tiszavasvári, widespread voter fraud have been reported by observers

Well-organized groups have been transporting gypsies to the polling stations reporting observers on the ground; the cars drop the gypsies near the polling station and leave for the next batch of voters. It is not known how much bribe the gypsies have received, but they behave very aggressively towards journalists.

One of the candidates who is running against well-liked Jobbik mayor Erik Fülöp filled the surrounding area of the voting station with his campaign posters to remind gypsies who they need to vote for reporting

One member of parliament has already filed a criminal complaint against 15 drivers for transporting gypsies to the polling station in an organized fashion. Observers jot down the license plates of the cars and counting how many rounds they make.

Sources are reporting that one of the candidates also takes part in the transportation of gypsies; a complaint has been filed and as a result, the local election commission is in full session in these moments.

More than 50 observers are crisscrossing the town of Tiszavasvári with video cameras recording every sign of voter fraud.

Sources are reporting from the ground that “certain groups” distributing handouts to gypsies which include pasta, flour and canned food; they also serve them brandy. Police are investigating.

Reporters of are constantly followed by black limousines trying to intimidate them. It is not known who the perpetrators are, secrete service agents or globalist criminals.


The fraud surprisingly has been perpetrated by independent candidate Zsolt Ráduly and his campaign team tacitly backed by Fidesz. Ráduly's campaign team transported busloads of gypsies to the polling stations, which have been been meticulously documented on video by observers.

Jobbik deputy Csaba Gyüre filed a criminal complaint against 15 drivers.

Jobbik has been tipped off about the looming election fraud, so we have anticipated it, but the severity and the extent of the fraud were staggering said Gyüre.

The gross violation of the law has been recorded by other organizations as well and they too complained to the election commission. We will do everything we can to bring the perpetrators to justice and make them accountable in court said Gyüre.

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Hungarian ambassador to Norway Géza Jeszenszky spelled out the truth, inbreeding causes widespread degenerative disorders among gypsies

“...widespread social problems and crime. The reason why many Roma are mentally ill is because in Roma culture it is permitted for sisters and brothers or cousins to marry each other or just to have sexual intercourse with each other.”

Jeszenszky, an honorary lecturer at the Corvinus University gave a course in the Institute for International Studies during the spring semester primarily for foreign students when he spoke the truth about gypsy degenerative disorders.

Soon after his lecture notes appeared in the media “three professors” called upon Jeszenszky to apologize to the gypsies for articulating the truth. If a Roma student has to write a treatise on the subject matter he might feel humiliated and due to the Equal Treatment and the Promotion of Equal Opportunities Act, he may bring criminal charges against the professor for harassment says “human rights activists”.

Géza Jeszenszky is one of the founding members of the the Hungarian Democratic Forum. Between 1990 and 1994, he served as foreign minister in the Antall-Boross governments and and he has been teaching at the Corvinus University ever since.

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Hajdú-Bét - Tolvajok ideje (Pesty Fekete doboz)

Saturday, October 27, 2012


A documentary by László Pesty about the looting and pillaging of small farmers by your next prime minister wannabe.

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Gypsy magic in the subway – speed and timing are critical

A fellow commuter secretly videoed the perpetrator with his cell phone because he found him suspicious. After the incident, the video was handed over to police and it turned out that the criminal was out on parole. A few hours later, he was rearrested at his girlfriend's apartment.

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Corporate media lies about the October 23 peace march

Friday, October 26, 2012

About 400 thousand government supporters marched from “Széna tér” to the parliament building on October 23, according to the estimates of the ministry of interior. Here are two pictures taken during the march; try to guess the attendance figure yourself.

The controlled western media however, disseminates outrageous lies by falsifying the attendance numbers with the obvious intent to belittle the importance of the peace march and the massive support behind the Fidesz government.

In order to manipulate western public opinion, the globalist press falsifies attendance numbers of government sponsored events on the regular basis.

According to the corporate media, only tens of thousands of people took part in the peace march on October 23; the worst offender among the various globalist mouthpieces is the Austrian public television, which put the attendance figures to a few thousand.

This is not the first time that the western “shitstream media” disseminates lies about an important event. They did the same thing during the January peace march as well; meanwhile, they regularly inflate opposition attendance figures or even falsify government organized events by presenting them as opposition rallies.

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The repeat offender returns to the crime scene

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bajnai at the liberal rally on October 23, 2012 (
His eyes and his body language gives the traitor away

About 14 thousand people including Hungarian haters, globalist agents, drug users, sexual deviants, useful idiots and the brainless victims of the “crass media” attended the liberal séance on the national holiday where American puppet, former Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai announced his a return to politics.

When it comes to high treason Bajnai -- also known as the “Goose chaser” – second only to Gyurcsany. (You might wonder where the nick “Goose chaser” is coming from. In short, before entering politics Bajnai served as a CEO of Hajdú - Bét Rt, a poultry processing plant that practically, functioned as a front for shady offshore businesses. As the chief of Hajdú - Bét Rt., conman Bajnai bankrupted hundreds of poultry farmers by tacitly encouraging them to take out loans and keep continue with the shipments of livestock even though his company was not in the position to pay for the merchandise; as a result, hundreds of small farmers lost everything they had including their homes, several of them committed suicide.)

Bajnai used the liberal séance to announce the formation of a new election coalition made up by the globalist opposition, several NGOs and other anti-Hungarian groups.

The globalists want to buy up the arable land of our country when the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land expires in 2014. These are the very same “investors” that devastated the country after the collapse of communism; now, they want to buy up the only natural resource still in Hungarian hands.

The mission of Bajnai and his partners in crime is to change the legal framework of the country so that foreign investors can acquire the arable land without major hassle and of course, for pennies.

The systematic destruction of our country's industrial base in the wake of the collapse of communism provides a glimpse what Hungarians can expect if the traitors come back to power. For all practical purposes, Hungary's manufacturing base has been stolen due to Bajnai and his criminal friends' treasonous policies. As a result, the majority of paid Hungarian workforce are employed by multinational corporation as slave laborers.

When the socialists lost the 2010 election, Bajnai was rushed to the United States where he got a face lift by his handlers. He even received a visiting professor job at Columbia University in New York city to make him look more attractive to the public.

However, the majority of Hungarians haven't forgotten what Bajnai and his bosom buddy, former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany did to the country while in power. Besides all the destruction they have done in the economy and in the financial sector, the two globalist agents, left behind hundreds of thousands of devastated homeowners who have been suckered into fraudulent mortgage schemes and as a result, they have been losing their homes in ever increasing numbers. And let's not forget the misery of those who have been terrorized by gypsy criminals that Bajnai and his criminal friends unleashed on Hungarian society.

The next two years will be decisive in the history of our country; we must do everything we can to make sure that the disciples of Satan won't come back to power anytime soon.


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Hungarian cultural diplomacy getting more active in Shanghai

A Memorandum of understanding has been signed among Budapest Festival Tourism Center, China Shanghai International Arts Festival Centre and Shanghai Puppet Theatre reporting MTI.

The Memorandum of Understanding has been signed during the Shanghai International Arts Festival, which is the first step in a long-term cultural cooperation between Hungary and China said the Budapest Festival and National Tourist Office in a statement on Thursday.

According to the agreement, the signatory institutions agree that during arts festivals they mutually host the partner countries' emerging talents and outstanding artistic productions and provide performing opportunities for young talents.

Due to the agreement, the Hungarian public can see Shanghai Puppet Theatre productions during the 2014 Budapest Spring Festival and the Hungarian Puppet Theatre will be performing at the Shanghai International Arts Festival next year.

(MTI –

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National Geographic picked Budapest's No. 2 tram among the world's top 10 trolley rides

Photo:Jászai Csaba

"Trams are still very much part of everyday life in Budapest, which has a total of 96 miles (155 kilometers) of tram routes. On the Pest side of the city, the #2 tram follows the curve of the Danube River. This is the best way to see the Parliament building up close and the panorama of Buda Castle across the river. Sit on the side nearest the river for the best views."

The top 10:

1. Toronto’s 501 Queen Streetcar, Canada
2. Seattle’s George Benson Waterfront Streetcar, Washington State
3. New Orleans’s St. Charles Streetcar Tour, Louisiana
4. San Francisco’s Streetcar F, California
5. Hong Kong’s Trams, China
6. Melbourne’s Tram 96, Australia
7. Budapest’s #2 Tram, Hungary
8. Berlin’s Tram 68, Germany
9. Amsterdam’s #2 Tram, the Netherlands
10. Lisbon’s #28 Tram, Portugal


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Election observers to monitor the Sunday municipal election in Tiszavasvári

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Well-liked Jobbik mayor Erik Fülöp

Jobbik was tipped off by confidential sources about a vote-buying scheme by socialist and the Fidesz candidates at the Sunday Tiszavasvári municipal election. To prevent the fraud "election observers" start monitoring the streets this week. The job of the observers is to report every suspicious activities to authorities.

Party chief Gábor Vona also confirmed that the party received confidential information about the plot; "certain entities are getting ready to use unlawful means to influence the outcome of the election,” said Vona.

Tiszavasvári was the only sizable town where Jobbik scored a victory in the 2010 municipal election; ever since Jobbik mayor Erik Fülöp has been running Tiszavasvári municipal government.

In the summer, however, two members of Jobbik faction defected the party and as a result, Jobbik lost its majority in the municipal council. This event led to the announcement of early elections on Sunday.

(MTI –

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Morvai Krisztina nagyívű beszéde az 1956-os forradalom 56-odik évfordulóján a Deák téren

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Picture of the day: Legia Warsaw and Lech Poznan football fans remembered the 1956 revolution

( -

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Olympic Champion Éva Risztov wins “LEN’s Female Open Water Swimmer of the Year” award

Hungarian Eva Risztov was the surprising winner of the 2012 Olympic 10km in London. This is why she deserves the title of “LEN’s Female Open Water Swimmer of the Year”. The 27-year-old, who won two medals at the European Long Course Swimming Championships on home ‘turf’ in Debrecen in May, took the title with a clear margin ahead of this year’s Italian European Champions, Martina Grimaldi (10km) and Rachele Bruni (5km).

( –

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Jobbik youth wing candlelight march – Photo report

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In the afternoon, Jobbik youth wing staged a candlelight march that ended at radio headquarters where Bolshevik terrorists fired on the crowd in 1956 killing dozens of peaceful protesters.

( -

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Jobbik rally at Deak square has begun

Several prominent Jobbik politicians and MEP Bruno Gollnischis (Front National) are scheduled to speak later on.

Currently, Krisztina Morvai is on stage and attacking the European Union that colonized our country.

She said the colonialists shut down our factories, sent our youth abroad, and terrorize the elderly population (by unleashing gypsy crime on Hungarian society), meanwhile, police are too busy to persecute gift shop owners. "Shame on you!" said Morvai.

Regarding former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany, Morvai remarked that the traitor who ordered police to shoot at protesters in 2006 is still at large and celebrates in the same place where his thugs committed atrocities in 2006.

Speech by MEP Bruno Gollnischis (Front National)

Chers amis de la Hongrie libre!
C’est magnifique d’être aujourd’hui avec vous, si nombreux, dans cette belle cité de Budapest qui donna au monde entier un exemple d’héroïsme.

Je salue vos efforts aujourd’hui, ceux du mouvement Jobbik, de votre président Gábor Vona, de mes amis Krisztina Morvai, Zoltán Balczó, Béla Kovács, pour défendre votre dignité et votre indépendance.

Car, comme l’a rappelé Jean-Marie Le Pen, la diversité et l’égalité de nos nations est un héritage essentiel de notre civilisation européenne.

En 1956, le peuple hongrois s’est soulevé contre la dictature de l’Union Soviétique Socialiste. Aujourd’hui il donne l’exemple de la résistance à l’Union Soviétique Euro-mondialiste!

L’Union Européenne impose l’ouverture á tous les flux de marchandises, de personnes et de capitaux. Importations de marchandises fabriqués á vil prix qui ruinent nos entreprises. Immigration massive qui submerge nos peuples. Capitaux étrangers qui s’approprient notre patrimoine.

Vous avez le droit de choisir un autre destin.

Vous avez le droit de faire référence á votre héritage spirituel chrétien dans le préambule de votre constitution.

La nation hongroise qui a donné au monde tant de héros, de saints, de martyrs de la liberté, n’a pas d’ordres á recevoir de Bruxelles!

Et je m’écrie avec Petőfi:

Talpra, magyar! (Debout, Magyars!)

Votre présence montre que, si l’injuste et affreux traité de Trianon a dépecé la Hongrie, il n’a pas tué le courage des Hongrois!

Avec vous les patriotes du monde entier se dressent pour défendre la liberté de leurs nations.

Nous n’accepterons jamais la destruction de nos identités. Nem, nem, soha! (Non, non, jamais!)

Patriotes de tous les pays, unissez-vous!

Gábor Vana said "We are the generation of 2006 and we are not going to run away from our destiny, we take history into our hands, we want to grow up as Hungarians and we don't want to be vile, treacherous, mendacious political generation like Demszky, Bajnai, Gyurcsány and Orbán".

The generation of '89 despite the superficial differences is one fold. This generation has a common crime: they missed historic opportunities, squandered the national wealth, indebted the Hungarian people and took us into the European Union under humiliating conditions and on the top of it, they even want to keep us there said Vona.

"Generation 2006 has nothing to do with them; we have one last thing to do – toss the generation of 1989 into the dustbin of history. 23 years was more than enough of you. " said Vona.

In this historical moment the Hungarian farm land is at stake; the government is running around in Brussels to find solution, but if it gets enough back-patting from Brussels bureaucrats it doesn't care what really happens with the Hungarian people. "Don't listen what they say, but watch what they are doing. Take them as seriously as when they promised to create one million jobs or restore law and order in two weeks said Vona.

Jobbik president warned, a few months and we could be the New Palestine, but we won't be, because in this country generation 2006 becomes stronger by the day. "Attila's grandchildren won't be slaves in their own country! Each hand that tries to grab a piece of Hungarian land will be broken” said Vona.

( - -

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Hungarians in Vancouver, British Columbia remembered the 1956 revolution on October 21, 2012

Vancouver Magyarház Kanada 2012.Okt.21.
HA ÉN RÓZSA VOLNÉK...magyar népdal, Bródy János szövegével.
Ének Nagy Marianna
Gitár Nagy Feri
Kórus Gonda Marianna Poor Gabi Zathurecky Péter

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Picture of the day: Mindszenty park in the Irish town of Castleblayney (Monaghan county)

József Mindszenty, the Archbishop of Hungary was arrested by Bolsevik terrorists and given a life sentence in a 1949 show trial. He was freed in 1956 and after the crushing of the 1956 uprising by the Soviet army with the tacit support of western democracies, he fled to the American Embassy where he had been living for 15 years until 1971. He was allowed to leave the country in 1971 and he died in exile in 1975 in Vienna, Austria.

( –

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The Alliance of European National Movements has concluded its two-day congress in Hédervár

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Alliance of European National Movements (AENM) held a two-day congress during the weekend, in Hédervár near Győr, Hungary. Ten nationalist movements from Poland, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Sweden and Hungary (Japan as an observer) attended the meeting that reelected the former leadership of the organization for the next term including the head of the organization Bruno Gollnisch.

The AENM was founded on October 24, 2009 at Jobbik Sixth Congress in Budapest with the aim to provide an organizational framework to Europe's national movements. The founders of the organization made a joint declaration three years ago stating that Europe should be based on the cooperation of independent states with distinct national identities, traditions, languages ​​and cultures and the EU should be guided by these principles.

The treasurer of the AENM, Jobbik MEP Béla Kovács said in his opening speech that the Alliance of European National Movements will be a decisive force in the coming years. We are foreseeing an European Union that is based on the notion of independent nation states.

The reelected leader of the AENM, Bruno Gollnisch Front National member of the European Parliament who will be the guest speaker of Jobbik October 23 commemoration service said the congress is a very important moment in the life of the organization because it provides an opportunity to reassess the achievements of the past three years and to draw up new plans for the future. He stressed that the next two years will be extremely important because of the upcoming EU parliament elections in 2014; by cooperation the nationalist movements of Europe can make big gains at the 2014 elections.

Béla Kovács summed up the two-day meeting by saying that the congress was successful beyond expectations. Representatives of the attending parties and movements reaffirmed their commitments to the common goals of the movement. The determination of participants to succeed was so strong that the progress we've achieved in the past three years was only a feeble beginning. The cooperation among the European nationalist movements are improving and gaining momentum despite the global headwinds; it will achieve its stated goals regardless of the opposition said Kovács.

The congress was greeted by Jean-Marie Le Pen who apologized for not being able to come to the congress for other important obligations.

In a letter, he welcomed the efforts of participants to coordinate their activities to preserve the material, moral and spiritual legacy of the European civilization based on diversity, independence and equality of nation states.

We should oppose globalization more than ever as it aims to enslave us with the active participation of the leaders of the European Union.

Patriots of the world unite! – concluded his letter the French politician.

( –

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15 minutes original footage of the beginning of the 1956 uprising

October 23, the first day of the uprising was filmed mostly by amateur filmmakers. So far, researchers managed to put together 15 minutes of film footage about the first day of the uprising; the footage shows that the day started with a peaceful demonstration, mostly by university students. Only later, when Bolshevik terrorists fired on the crowd, the peaceful protest turned into violence and a full blown uprising that was crushed by the Soviet army with the tacit support of western democracies on November 4.

( -

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Jobbik demonstration in Kerecsend – photo report

As we have reported earlier, Jobbik demonstrated against gypsy crime in the small village of Kerencsend on Sunday. About five hundred people gathered to express their opposition to sponsored gypsy crime that has been going on for years making life for everyone, but particularly the elderly residents of the village unbearable.

( –

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If Anyone Has Any Doubts...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Take a close look at this promotional poster. Notice anything? Alongside the symbols of Christianity, Judaism, Jainism and so on is one of the wickedest emblems humanity has conceived: the hammer and sickle.

For three generations, the badge of the Soviet revolution meant poverty, slavery, torture and death. It adorned the caps of the chekas who came in the night. It opened and closed the propaganda films which hid the famines. It advertised the people's courts where victims of purges and show-trials were condemned. It fluttered over the re-education camps and the gulags. For hundreds of millions of Europeans, it was a symbol of foreign occupation. Hungary, Lithuania and Moldova have banned its use, and various former communist countries want it to be treated in the same way as Nazi insignia.

Yet here it sits on a poster in the European Commission, advertising the moral deafness of its author (I hope that's what it is, rather than lingering nostalgia). The Bolshevist sigil celebrates the ideology which, in strict numerical terms, must be reckoned the most murderous ever devised by our species. That it can be passed unremarked day after day in the corridors of Brussels is nauseating.


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The Raoul Wallenberg secondary school celebrates October 23 by praising Bolshevik terrorists

As the national holiday approaching, Hungarians are preparing to commemorate to one of the most tragic events of the twenties century, the crushing of the 1956 uprising by Soviet forces with the tacit support of western democracies.

Educational institutions are also holding commemoration services but what happened in the Raoul Wallenberg secondary school shocked many people.

The teachers of the Raoul Wallenberg secondary school in Budapest surprised the public by desecrating the memory of the revolution praising the most vile murderers of the century, the monsters who were responsible for the death and destruction that came in the the wake of the Soviet invasion.

Organizers displayed pictures of Lenin, Stalin and other Bolshevik terrorists on the walls of the classrooms meanwhile students yelled slogans like long live Rakosi, Lenin, Stalin and long live the Soviet Union. No mention of the name of those died in the uprising.

Take a look at the pictures and draw your own conclusion.

( –

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