15 minutes original footage of the beginning of the 1956 uprising

Monday, October 22, 2012

October 23, the first day of the uprising was filmed mostly by amateur filmmakers. So far, researchers managed to put together 15 minutes of film footage about the first day of the uprising; the footage shows that the day started with a peaceful demonstration, mostly by university students. Only later, when Bolshevik terrorists fired on the crowd, the peaceful protest turned into violence and a full blown uprising that was crushed by the Soviet army with the tacit support of western democracies on November 4.

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Anonymous said...

Rothschild communism and Rothschild democracy are at the same end of the political spectrum as totalitarianism - they are control models. Freedom is at the other end of the spectrum with culture, heritage, tradition, faith and non-hierarchical social models.

Asks the Greeks what they think of (Rothschild) Democracy ? Five (5) years on the street resisting financial feudalism and the struggle continues despite elections and "democracy".

Naturally the Western Oligarchy only paid "lip service" to the Hungarian people during the uprising. To do otherwise would give their populations "big ideas" about freedom.

The reality is the Western Rothschild Oligarchy financed and maintained communism from the 1905 Russian Czar uprising (first attempt at communism), right through to today with their explicit support for Chinese communism and every dictator no-matter what their political stripe.

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