Two members of the Temerin group Árpád Horváth and Zoltán Szakáll have been released from Serbian jail

Friday, November 30, 2012

After serving eight years for a brawl Árpád Horváth and Zoltán Szakáll have been released from Serbian jail in amnesty.

Árpád Horváth, Zoltán Szakáll, István Máriás, Zsolt Illés and József Uracs got into a street fight with a Serbian drug dealer in Temerin, Vojvodina in 2004; as a result, the five friends were arrested and sentenced to 61 years imprisonment by a Serbian court.

In the past 8 years several organizations raised their voices against the unusually harsh sentence. According to human rights organizations the draconian sentence served a political purpose. Serbian authorities wanted to intimidate the Hungarian community in Serbia.

István Máriás (22) received 15 years, Zsolt Illés (26) 13 years, Zoltán Szakáll (25) 11 years and 6 months, József Uracs (29) 11 years and 6 months and Árpád Horváth (19) 10 years.

István Máriás, Zsolt Illés and József Uracs are still in jail, but due to Serbia's new amnesty law they too might be released earlier.

(MTI – edited by

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The speaker of the Israeli parliament Reuven Rivlin demands the banning of Jobbik party

Thursday, November 29, 2012

In a letter to Hungarian President János Áder the speaker of the Israeli parliament Reuven Rivlin asked the president to ban the Jobbik party reporting According to the source, Rivlin urged the president that rather then just condemning the Jobbik party initiate decisive actions and ban the nationalist radical party.

Reacting to Márton Gyöngyösi's recent speech in the Hungarian parliament where the Jobbik politician initiated to draw up a list of deputies with Hungarian-Israeli dual citizenship, the speaker of the Israeli parliament writes: “It's hard to believe that such words have been spoken in a European parliament in 2012. It is hard to believe that there is a European country that hasn't learned the lessons of the Second World War when Jews were registered and put into ghettos then transported to concentration camps by cattle trains... You [President Áder] have the democratic means to initiate a legislation allowing the isolation of such people [Gyöngyösi] and the ideas they represent, which pose great danger to the free world and Hungary as well." President Áder visited Israel in July this year at the invitation of Reuven Rivlin to attend the 100th anniversary celebration of the birth of Raoul Wallenberg. Originally, it was the speaker of the Hungarian Parliament László Kövér who attend the ceremony, however, his invitation was revoked, due to his attendance of the reburial ceremony of literary figure József Nyírő that the Jews consider an anti-Semite.

In the letter, Mr Rivlin reminded the Hungarian president of his promise he made in the Knesset to implement vigorous measures against anti-Semites. Mr Rivlin has asked the president to act right now against them by banning the (democratically elected) Jobbik party said Knesset spokesman Jotam Jakir to

( –

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Shock study: Mammograms a medical hoax, over one million American women maimed by unnecessary 'treatment' for cancer they never had

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

by Mike Adams
(NaturalNews) Mammography is a cruel medical hoax. As I have described here on Natural News many times, the primary purpose of mammography is not to "save" women from cancer, but to recruit women into false positives that scare them into expensive, toxic treatments like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

The "dirty little secret" of the cancer industry is that the very same oncologists who scare women into falsely believing they have breast cancer are also the ones pocketing huge profits from selling those women chemotherapy drugs. The conflicts of interest and abandonment of ethics across the cancer industry is breathtaking.

Now, a new scientific study has confirmed exactly what I've been warning readers about for years: most women "diagnosed" with breast cancer via mammography never had a cancer problem to begin with!

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Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén unveiled the national memorial marble column at Mohács historical site

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén unveiled the national memorial marble column, the work of artist Zsigmond Attila, meanwhile the national flag was hoisted at Mohács historical sites on Tuesday.

In his speech Semjén stressed that the main lesson of history is that no matter how strong the external enemy is if the nation is united it can prevail, but if it is fragmented and divided defeat follows; therefore, preserving national unity must be a primary consideration of every Hungarian said the Christian Democrat politician.

One of the biggest disasters in the history of the Hungarian nation took place near Mohács in 1526; the catastrophe can not be explained simply by the superiority of the Ottoman forces, but it was also the result of the division of the nation.

At the plains near Mohács, Suleiman I led Ottoman army outnumbered the Hungarian forces by 4 to 1 defeated the Hungarian army led by King Lajos the second on August 29, 1526. The annihilation of the Hungarian army near Mohács greatly contributed to the break up of the country into three parts. The mass graves of the victims of the Battle of Mohács are part of the national memorial garden.

The Mohács memorial park opened in 1976; today, it hosts exhibitions and presentations greatly contributing to historical knowledge of the country's Ottoman period.

( –

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New Hungarica song about Polish-Hungarian brotherhood

Hungarica's newest song about Hungarian-Polish brotherhood has been co-written with Polish song writer-composer and the leader of “TSA “ and “ZŁE PSYA” rock bands Andrzej Nowak.

The mutual love and respect that we have experienced throughout our lives prompted us to write one of the key songs of our new album about the historic friendship between the two nations said Hungarica guitarist Norbert Mentes.

Andrzej Nowak founded “TSA” in 1979 and later “ZŁE PSY” (Bad Dog) with his friend Scorpions' bassist Pawel Mąciwoda. Nowak is one of the most colorful personalities of Polish rock who throughout his career has been cooperated with a number of foreign rock musicians.

"We are very pleased that our new album will be released in Poland by RDS Music. We hope that our songs and messages will reach as many Polish patriots as possible" said Hungarica guitarist Norbert Mentes.

The new CD release concert will be held on February 16th 2013 in Club 202 featuring guest musicians like Attila Nyerges (Ismerős Arcok), Andrzej Nowak (TSA, ZŁE PSY) and Scorpions bassist Pawel Mąciwoda.

( –

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A typical day in the European Parliament [Photo report]

Monday, November 26, 2012


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Gypsy criminals stabbed a man, police harassed the victim, the corporate media tried to cover up the crime

The photo was taken in the ambulance

A reliable source informed that two gypsy criminals entered into a residential building pretending they were former schoolmates of the man who they later assaulted. When the victim opened the door, he was stabbed with a 30-cm long knife several times as the gypsies tried to enter his suite. They expected expensive technical equipment in the victim's apartment.

The assault ended when a neighbor walked down the hallway inadvertently disturbing the attackers.

The victim has been taken to the hospital by ambulance with serious stab wounds. While, he was recovering in his hospital room two gypsy women (the relatives of the attackers) came to the hospital to convince the victim's mother who was waiting outside of her son's room to withdraw legal proceedings against the attackers, which she refused. Then, they called their family members to the hospital to intimidate the victim's mother and force her to withdraw the criminal charges against the criminals. Luckily, her son's friends came to the hospital ward the same time when the gypsies appeared and kept them at bay until police arrived.

The gypsy criminals then told police that the victim and his mother were drug dealers. Without checking the reliability of the source, police raided the victim's apartment.

Of course, nothing was found, yet police dealt with the stabbed victim and his mother the harshest possible manner as they believed the gypsy criminals rather than the innocent victims of gypsy crime.

(Notes: This is not an isolated incident as police are pressured by behind the scene forces to look the other way when gypsies commit criminal offenses and instead, harass the victims of crime. The government is under constant pressure by globalist proxies that are camouflaging themselves as human rights activists to be tolerant of gypsy criminals. These entities of foreign influence intimidate law enforcement agencies and the judiciary in order to maintain the arcane project of dividing the country along ethnic lines and antagonize society for the benefit of the global slave masters.)

( –

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Landslide Jobbik victory at Sunday's municipal by-election in Kosd

Jobbik mayoral candidate Ferenc Kurdi was elected by 50.1 percent of the vote as the next mayor of Kosd at Sunday's by-election.

"Love and unity have won here today. We have always had faith in the resurrection of our nation; we have always believed in the future of our beloved community and the future of our country. Let's begin to work in faith and love." said Mayor Ferenc Kurdi in his first official press release.

This success is all the more important because all independent candidates that are supporting Jobbik have been also reelected. The municipality with more than 2,500 inhabitants then joined the ever increasing Jobbik-led municipalities like Tiszavasvári, Gyöngyöspata, Hegyháthodász and Hencida writes Jobbik executive-director Gábor Szabó.

( –

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An activist named Mark Dice heckling Black Friday shoppers

Sunday, November 25, 2012

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Nostradamus Pannoniáról

Nostradamus élete végén, öregen és betegen kapta a megrendelést egy magyar főembertől, hogy írjon próféciákat Magyarországról. Ez a "nagyhírű és vitéz" nemzet fia háromezer ezüstöt fizetett Nostradamusnak ezért a munkáért, s a megrendelő személyében gróf Zrínyi Miklósra ismerünk, a szigetvári hősre, aki valóban három hónappal élte túl a jóslatok szerzőjét, s 1566. Szept. 8.-án halt hősi halált.

Napjaink történései is visszaköszönnek

84. /
Az írott szó elhal majd,
és egyre szegényebb lesz a beszéd,
a nemzetre egy talány hoz bajt,
mely elveszi az emberek eszét.
Egész nap otthonukban ülnek,
bámulnak hazug, mozgó képeket,
s mire a bálványok ledőlnek,
már alig születnek gyermekek.

85. /
Ötven esztendő lejártán új világ lesz,
a magyarok végre kézbe veszik sorsuk.
Nem a pénz lesz az úr, hanem a munka,
a törvény az uzsorásokat sújtja.
Az ország még sokáig nem lesz gazdag,
de többé senki sem hal éhen,
a néppel új királyt is választanak,
s kezdődik elölről minden, mint régen.

87. /
Amit értelmes elme el sem képzel,
az megtörténik majd Hungáriában.
Senki nem boldogul erővel, sem ésszel,
csak gyilkos ármány és ravaszság van.
Dolgozni akarnál, de nincs munka,
pedig a földek parlagon hevernek,
aki eddig a munkát csak unta,
most koldusa lesz az idegeneknek.

90. /
Az erdőn túl él az ország jobbja,
de számában kisebbik része,
földjét az erősebb elrabolja,
ezeregyszázból nyolcvan évre.
Már csupán nyelvében él, de él még,
s gyarapszik, míg Erdőn innen fogynak,
az ő küzdelmük hozza el a békét
és egységét minden magyaroknak.

91. /
Csak temetni tudnak, nem ünnepelni,
erejük gyorsan elfogy, szalmaláng,
türelmesek, de kitartásuk semmi,
vezérük rosszul végzi mindahány.
Költőiket elfelejtik gyorsan,
akárcsak régi énekeiket,
magyar se marad sok a honban,
de magyarul szólnak az idegenek.

92. /
Immár vén és beteges koromban
távoli nemzetnek ködképeit láttam,
Isten a tanúm, hogy amit eddig mondtam,
Nagyhírű és vitéz nemzet fia kérte,
lebbentsem előtte föl a jövő fátylát, -
háromezer ezüst volt a munkám bére,
örvendenek neki koldusok és árvák.

93. /
Akinek mindezt írtam rendelésre,
három hónappal él tovább, mint magam.
Csatát veszít, de a harcnak nem lesz vége,
minden ledőlt toronynak súlya van.
A pogány még százhúsz évig itt lesz,
de egyre jobban gyengül -
személye két nemzet közt híd lesz,
s utódja nagy művet ír a küzdelemről.

94. /
Keletről primitív, barbár horda tör
Magyarországra, nem először.
A nép minden vagyonát elhordja,
a csőcselék a mélyből előtör.
Megérkeznek a haza elárulói,
sértődöttek, és idegenek
tíz évig tudják a népet zsarolni:
vörös és sárga a címerben egyek.

97. /
Lesz majd, hogy a pénz egyre kevesebbet ér,
s az emberek apraját eldobják,
és hiába lesznek a pénzek egyre szebbek,
súlyuk miatt már a koldusok sem hordják.
Értéke nem lesz semmi a munkának,
és nem lesz semmi haszna a pénznek,
uzsorások magyar földre licitálnak,
gazdagok helyett fizetnek a szegények.

98. /
Róka, s hiéna vezeti a népet,
alattuk szétesik az ország,
a róka egyedül sokat téved,
a hiéna megássa a sírját.
Végtelen a nép ostobasága,
de lassan feltámad az új erő,
nem hallgat róka hiéna szavára,
Pannónia nem lesz dögtemető.

99. /
Jön új nemzedék, mely erős lesz,
és nem szégyelli többé, hogy magyar,
a vének nemzedéke önmagán erőt vesz,
s nem csak önmagának túr és kapar.
Erkölcsében megújul majd az ország,
és végre büszke lesz minden fia,
mert ámulatba ejti egész Európát
sokszáz évnek elteltével Pannónia.

(Nemzeti Hirhalo)

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Latest survey by “Századvég” shows that the majority of Hungarians reject globalist agent Gordon Bajnai's deceitful rhetoric

Latest survey by “Századvég” shows that 55% of Hungarians holds former Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai responsible for the country's debt that went out of control during the period 2002-2010 when Gyurcsany and Bajnai were at the helm of our government.

According to the survey, only one-third (35 percent) of respondents doesn't not agree with this statement. On the other hand, one in ten respondents was unable or unwilling to form an opinion.

The survey shows that only (pseudo)left-wing party supporters disagree with the majority of the population on the issue of debt. In every other group the overwhelming majority hold Bajnai responsible for the out-of-control national debt.

According to the survey, 82 percent of right-wing party supporters, 59 percent of moderates and 64 percent of undecided voters blame Bajnai for the country's debt.

Overall, 58 percent of respondents blame Bajnai for the out-of-control national debt; 33 percent disagree, while 9 percent did not know or did not want to form an opinion on the issue.

(Magyar Nemzet – –

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An example to follow: This is how Russian patriotic youth fight against drug pushers and their customers

Young people in Moscow ambush the drug dealers and their customers, tie them up in public and mark them with red paint.

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Images of the winning landscape design of the new National Public Service University

Friday, November 23, 2012

The winning landscape space design of the new National Public Service University that opens its doors to learners in 2015 is the work of Zoboki-Demeter Architects Design Agency.

The new university project will cost HUF 24.5 billion in net of which 20 billion come from EU finances.
The government approved the plan of the new university in May; the project will be completed between 2012 and 2015. The new National Public Service University will be built on a 26-hectare site near the Orczy Park. Due to the large scale construction project about 200 thousand square meters of building space will be created. The green space around the Campus will include public parks and sport facilities that will be open to the public as well.

Take a look at the winning design.

( –

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Jobbik vice-president Előd Novák has been detained by police

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Police detained Jobbik vice-president Előd Novák late afternoon today in front of the Israeli embassy and charged with disturbance of public peace.

Jewish organizations and their sympathizers staged a sympathy demonstration at the Israeli embassy at three o'clock in the afternoon where several counter demonstrators also showed up, among them Jobbik vice-president Előd Novák and Jobbik deputy and spokeswoman Dóra Dúró.

Jews demonstrated under the slogan of “Let's stop Hamas' rockets” and “Israel has right to self-defense”.

Counter-demonstrators, among them Jobbik vice-president Előd Novák raised banners that say “Is child murder self-defense?”. Then apparently, a scuffle broke out among Jews and the counter-demonstrators; as a result, Előd Novák's banner has been broken and the camera man that recorded the event has been pushed around.

Police then detained Jobbik vice-president Előd Novák and two more individuals. The detainees have been taken to the second district police headquarters for questioning. According to latest reports, in these hours nationalists and Jobbik sympathizers are gathering in front of the police headquarters.

Előd Novák has been released from custody later on the day. He said to journalist it was shocking that “organizers” (whose identity are still not known) didn't let me close to the event. And police went after the man who broke my sign only after realizing that the incident was recorded.

Novák talks to journalists after released from custody

The law says participants can freely express their opinion at any public event. Despite this, they told me that I was an "undesirable" person at the demonstration said the Jobbik vice-president.

If they charge me, I waive my parliamentary immunity and am willing to do public work said the representative of the possible consequences of today's incident.

( –

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Budapest hosts this year's Chan Wu Traditional and Wu Shu Modern Kung Fu World Championships

The International Chan Wu Federation will held the traditional Chan Wu and Modern Wu Shu World Championships in Budapest “Körcsarnok” between November 23-25.

Nowadays, especially important that different cultures understand each other. Intelligent people are able to hold intense and deeply spiritual relationship with other cultures says the motto of the tournament.

This is the third time that Budapest hosts this major event. According to Grand Master Shi Xing Hong and the head of the Hungarian Chan Wu Federation shiheng István Varga, 480 competitors from 28 countries take part in the event under the patronage of the speaker of the Hungarian parliament Sándor Lezsák and Chinese Shaolin temple Grand Master Shi Deyang.

( –

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Jobbik demonstrates at the Israeli embassy

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Despite the cold weather, over one thousand people showed up at the Israeli embassy to protest against the invasion of Gaza and the ongoing occupation of Palestine by Israel.

The event has been attended by several high profile Jobbik politicians including party President Gábor Vona and Jobbik Foreign Critic Márton Gyöngyösi.

The area of the Israeli embassy has been sealed of by police including the nearby streets where number of police cruisers equipped with sound cannons have been standing by to be deployed.

The demonstration attended by several nationalist organizations including Jobbik Youth Wing, the New Hungarian Guard, the National Guard and the Association of Palestinians living in Hungary.

Márton Gyöngyösi remarked that both the American and the Israeli embassies look like fortresses unlike other embassies indicating that the two countries are linked up. What Israel is doing in Palestine is planned genocide; while the U.S. that likes to call itself the champion of human rights fully supporting the Israeli bloodshed in Gaza said Gyöngyösi.

The Jobbik representative accused the Hungarian Foreign Ministry with cowardice for supporting the EU's position on the Gaza aggression by Israel. The U.S. gives $ 3 billion annually to Israel for military purposes said Gyöngyösi.

Pastor Loránt Hegedűs called upon the Hungarian Reformed Church to condemn the Israeli aggression. Hegedűs announced that he will make a criminal complaint against those organizations that are supporting the murder of children in Gaza and he called upon Hungarian Jews to dissociate themselves from their leaders that are supporting the Israeli aggression. He announced that a religious service will be held in the church of Homecoming this Sunday at 10 am for the Palestinian victims of the war.

Jobbik's chairman Gábor Vona remarked that while Israel is constantly talking about the Holocaust, it runs the world's largest concentration camp with U.S. assistance -- this concentration camp is called Gaza.

When it comes to criticizing our economy, the European Union is very brave, but when it comes to condemning the Israeli aggression, it is very timid said Vona. Why is it that the mainstream parties of the Hungarian parliament don't dissociate themselves from the Israeli aggression asked Vona? Then, he advised to the various human rights organizations that are continually criticizing the situation in Gyöngyöspata to relocate in Gaza.

Vona then read a letter that included several demands.

1. Take a full inventory of Israeli investments in Hungary. 2. Vona asked Prime Minister Viktor Orban to clarify the persistent rumor according to which Germany, Hungary and Poland signed a confidential treaty with Israel under which in case of emergency the thee countries accommodate millions of Jewish refugees – the Hungarian quota is 500,000. If such a treaty exists, it should be terminated immediately. 3. Terminate the association agreement with Israel. 4. Jobbik will introduce a draft resolution in parliament next week condemning the Gaza massacre and is expecting that all parties in parliament sign the resolution. 5. Since Israel is a terrorist state all Hungarian politicians need to be screened, making sure that dual citizens won't hold state office in Hungary.

In conclusion, Vona remarked: we stand in solidarity with the Palestinians, Hungary is Europe's Palestine.

Then, the crowd of more than a thousand left for the Palestinian Embassy where Palestinian embassy officials received the demonstrators. They thanked the Hungarian people for supporting the Palestinian cause. "You rarely meet with such a good people like the Hungarians" said the Palestinian official.

He then noted that Hungary is also under oppression by the Jewish lobby; but we can cope if we hold each other's hands said the official.

Demonstrators then, lit candles for the Palestinian victims of the war.

( –

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Palestinians demonstrate against the Israeli aggression in Gaza at the Hungarian Foreign Ministry


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Abigel Jóo writes history at European U23 Championships

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Abigel Jóo dealt with the high expectations and won her fourth U23 European title, an absolute record. Only three Hungarians had won the triple and she is the first of the three to win four times in ten years of history of this championships. Barna Bor and Eva Csernoviczky won the title three times and Csernoviczky won this year the first Hungarian Olympic medal since 1992. A great outlook for Jóo who got injured at the Games and needed an operation just after the games to her knee. She is recovered was able to write history in the Sparta Arena in Prague.

In the final Jóo defeated Makukha for a second time. Last year in Tyumen she beat her in the quarter final. Joo finished fifth at the Olympic Games, but we count on her in Rio’s World Championships next year. She won the European title this year in Chelyabinsk and in 2010 in Vienna at the age of 19 and is one of the best ever judoka in Hungary at her age.

The first bronze was for Ana Velensek of Slovenia who defeated Anastasia Turchun of the Ukraine by ippon after three minutes. Velensek defeated strong Dutch Guusjes Steenhuis in her quarter final but lost against last year’s bronze medallists Ivanna Makukha (UKR) in the semi final. She came back well in her bronze bout.

The second match took longer, after four minutes none of the two fighters had a score. Ivana Maranic (CRO) fought against Katarzyna Furmanek (POL) but couldn’t force a difference. Thirty seconds for the end Furmanek propelled Maranic in the air and scored a yuko by a sutemi. Not much later she threw Maranic for a second yuko by a seoi nage and won the bronze. Last year she finished fifth but now back to Poland with bronze.

Most successful athletes At ECH U23 (since 2003)
4. Abigel Joo - HUN
3. Éva Csernoviczki - HUN
3. Barna Bor - HUN
2. Bernadett Baczkó - HUN
2. Tariel Zintiridis - GRE
2. Lyudmila Bogdanova - RUS
2. Tugba Zehir - TUR
2. Ana Cachola - POR
2. Zafar Makhmadov - RUS
2. Lucie Louette - FRA
2. Ioulietta Boukouvala - GRE
2. Ilias Iliadis - GRE
2. Marco Maddaloni - ITA
2. Magomed Magomedov II - RUS


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Ilonka Tamás: My nation and my language are the most important things in my life

One hundred year-old Ilonka Tamás received the prize for bravery for reclaiming her Hungarian citizenship in Slovakia; as a result, she was stripped of her Slovakian citizenship and she has been harassed by Slovakian authorities ever since.

Accepting the prize in the Golden Bulls hotel in Rimaszombat she said: "I haven't expected this great honor, after all I am just an ordinary citizen and there are so many people out there who do great things in life comparing to what I have done. Yet, this prize is very precious to me, because I have received it from may own kind,” said Ilonka Tamás who implanted Hungarian identity in the hearts of hundreds of school children in Slovakia while working as a teacher.

"I feel insignificant, as one person can't do much. What I have done was nothing special, I just did the obvious, when the opportunity arose I reclaimed my Hungarian citizenship because I was born as a Hungarian citizen in Hungary and I am entitled to this citizenship. I also wanted encourage others. Everybody is responsible for his own acts, I'm following the path that my ancestors set out for me. I love so much my nation and my language that they are the first things in my life," said the unlikely civil rights activist while accepting the the honorary prize.

The good-humored reception ended with a brief speech and toast by Rimaszombat district president of MKP Ferenc Auxt, then attendees sang the Felvidék and Palóc anthems 'God bless the Hungarians' and 'Your country is this wide Felvidék'.

( –

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Video: Gypsies are telling lies about their 'persecution' in Hungary to a Canadian interviewer (Hungarian, subtitled in English)

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Hungarian hater Peter Daniel moves to Israel

Monday, November 19, 2012

(Hungarian hater Peter Daniel and his friend Agnes Vadai)

Rabid Hungarian hater and Gyurcsány sympathizer, lawyer Peter Daniel announced today that he moves to Israel for a longer period of time. During this time, he suspends his membership in the Hungarian Bar Association.

Peter Daniel became known as the man who vandalized the newly erected Horthy monument in Kereki a few months ago by smearing red paint over the statue.

Daniel represented 'Hetek' journalists in the lawsuit against Jobbik representative, Gyula Gy. Zagyva.

Daniel will move to Tel Aviv to learn Hebrew, find ways of fitting into Israeli society and if possible take a community service job with the Israeli army said the lawyer to Hír TV on Monday.

The President of the Budapest Bar Association László Réti said that he hasn't received Daniel's application yet; the lawyer can pause his activities in the Bar Association only if his application is approved by them.

( –

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Is this the beginning of a new trend or just a lucky coincidence?

Preliminary data shows that in the first nine months of 2012, 67,995 children were born, 3.6 percent more than a year earlier. The number of deaths peaked at 97,171, which shows 1.1 percent increase over 2011 January-September period says the Central Statistical Office.

The declining trend of marriages also stopped in the first nine months of this year. The monthly number of marriages varied in this period. The most significant decline took place in July showing 14.2 percent decrease; however, in August and September 8.9 percent more marriages were registered than in the same period last year.

Overall, in the first nine months of 2012, 30,069 marriages have been registered, which is 0.2 percent more than the previous year.

( –

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Gyula Gy. Zagyva is guilty for talking disparagingly with two Zionist journalists

Vác Municipal Court found Jobbik deputy and the Honorary President of HVIM Gyula Gy. Zagyva guilty of harassment in a Monday ruling.

According to the sentence, among other things the available tape recording shows that Gyula Gy. Zagyva humiliated two journalists of 'Hetek' (a Zionist weekly) by talking disparagingly with them during 'Magyar Sziget' festival in 2010.

As a result, Vác Municipal Court judge Attila Borbély sentenced Gyula Gy. Zagyva and his “co-accused” Bela I. to a reprimand -- the sentencing was applauded by the Zionist audience attended the trial.

The lawyer of the accused, Andrea Borbély was outraged by the decision; she said she hasn't experienced or even heard a case when the (controlled) judge disregarded every single evidence of the defense. He based his judgment solely on the “victims'” testimonies. The lawyer added that she will appeal the decision.

(MTI –

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János Volner: "Horthy had to face the same problems we face today"

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Several hundred people attended the memorial service held on Saturday at former governor Miklós Horthy's resting place in Kenderes. The event was organized by the World Federation of Hungarians on the occasion that Admiral Horthy liberated Budapest on November 16, 1919.

At a huge police presence Jobbik vice-president János Volner remarked that "Horthy had to face the same problems we face today". We have to take back our country, not only the lost territories, but also what has remained of it, because nowadays too there are forces that want to sell off our country.

Volner added that the 'human garbage' that the corporate media promotes as left wing parties are already campaigning from American money; if there were a national self defense force besides the patriotic groups this 'human filth' would have been kicked out of the country long time ago.

( –

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Elementary school children performing 'Nélküled' by “Ismerős Arcok” rock band

God works in mysterious ways says the Bible. The rule had a tangible manifestation in Szigetszentmiklós Public School where elementary school children performed one of the most beautiful songs (Nélküled) by “Ismerős Arcok” rock band boycotted by the parasitic globalist filth that is controlling the Hungarian cultural scene. Congratulation to the teachers!


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Pussy Riot and anti-Semitism, Putin embarrassed Angela Merkel who praised the punks

Saturday, November 17, 2012

"We do hear what our partners say. But do they hear what is going on being so far away?” Putin said, commenting on the criticism about the Pussy Riot trial and the court’s decision to sentence the punk band members to two years’ jail.

Angela Merkel noted that she doubted the singers would have been given the same punishment in Germany.

“The chancellor spoke about the young women jailed for their performance at a church. But does she know that one of them had hanged a dummy of a Jew and said that Moscow should be rid of such people?" Putin noted, as cited by Interfax.

He stressed that “neither we, nor you” can support people with anti-Semitic positions.

The public action by a Pussy Riot member was organized in one of the largest shopping centers in Moscow, Putin added.

“Problems should be looked at from all angles. But that’s what discussions are for,” the president observed.


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The world is changing, the global culture our children inherit

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Picture of the day: Age is no barrier for active senior citizens

Photo:MTI/Kallos Bea

82-year old Árpád Simon performs an acrobatic stunt in Hungaria Boulevard hippodrome currently under demolition.


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Jobbik condemns Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people

Friday, November 16, 2012

It is sickening to see that by playing the victim role the Jewish state continues its genocidal activities against the Palestinian people. It is disgusting that under the pretext of responding to an alleged "terrorist" intrusion Israel attacks the Palestinian people when in fact, the Israeli-Palestinian animosity, in terms of cause-and-effect is crystal clear: the Palestinians have been fighting for the freedom of their country against the more than half a century-long Israeli colonial policy.

Jobbik rejects the two-faced attitude of the West that in other occasions eager to condemn human and minority rights violation, but in this case due to Zionist influence ignores the suffering of the Palestinian people. By the West Bank land grab, the illegal Jewish settlement policy, the bombing and blockading of Gaza, the oppression of Palestinians living in Israel and the daily humiliation of the Palestinian people, Israel evokes the memories of the darkest historical periods.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu should realize for the benefit of his own people that the world order that guaranteed Jewish hegemony at any price in the Middle East is coming to an end; in this new context, it would be better off if he would start hammering out a compromise deal with the Palestinian people rather than trying to destroy them.

Jobbik calls on international organizations to stop emphasizing shared responsibilities of oppressor and oppressed for the ongoing armed conflict and firmly stand up for the Palestinian people that have been deprived of their liberty, basic human rights and nationhood for more than half a century.

Márton Gyöngyösi Jobbik Deputy Floor Leader and the foreign critic of the party

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Death of the West and decline of the East

Thursday, November 15, 2012

By Nicolas Bonnal

We are used since a century to denounce and comment the so-called decline of the West; the great essay of Spengler, unfit for the public of today, was published during the WW1 and it has been quickly fulfilled, Western Europe becoming an American colony and a bureaucratic disaster, both economically and spiritually. Her ageing population is rapidly disappearing and it will be replaced during the next decennials. Nobody should lament this process since Solzhenitsyn observed that the westerners do not know if there are alive! Modern world is a bad dream, said once French philosopher Deleuze, a left-wing genius completely forgotten nowadays in what is left of France (pardon, Hollande...). Statesmen in Europe hate or fear Mr Putin for he is the last statesman with a brain and a soul. This is why there are each year more youngsters fond of him in Western Europe. We will see where this hope will get us to.

Modern civilization is not anymore a civilization: no Shakespeare, no Balzac, no Nabokov; no Mozart, no Wagner, no Shostakovich. Nothing, for culture you have NYT best-selling lists, festivals and multiplex cinemas: post-modernism is about galleries, shopping malls, highways, racial riots, multiculturalism and real estate. The rest is nothing; the rest is about debt, zombie-like existence and tourism. As Nietzsche said in Zarathoustra about the last pope, he doesn't know that God is dead! We should say now that we don't know that the westerner is dead. We just have a completely indebted matrix full of sound and stupidity, and sometimes of fury (at least in Libya and Syria); and definitively signifying nothing. It is not for nothing that we are fascinated nowadays in the West by the vampires and the zombies: the vampire sucks the blood (IE the Goldman Sachs elected central bankers suck the money) and the zombie hangs around in malls and subways without any self-consciousness. Welcome to the hollow man, said once TS Eliot.

But that is enough with the West.

Now, I would like to talk about the decline of the East, because despite the growth stuff and the propaganda about emerging countries, I definitely observe a decline in the East. It is very easy to despise France or Italy: old and despicable countries that lost their charisma, as quipped once infamous Donald Rumsfeld... but if we assert what is going on in India ? Or in Vietnam? Or in Japan? I wont' mention China, even if it becomes the first world power...

When the decline of the West was diagnosed, it was mainly on a spiritual criterion; today it is even economical and demographical. But remember well: in this time it was spiritual. The modern world was materialistic, it was boring, desperate, existentialist, Dadaist, whatever. And where my fellow dissatisfied predecessors would look for an alternative?

In the East.

The East was the land of the gurus, of the traditions; of the last emperors: the East was the land of Tibet, of the I Ching, of the secret societies; the East was the land of Sufism, of yoga, of the wisdom. The East was the real travel of Hermann Hesse and Siddhartha.

All of that, sorry if I exaggerate somewhat, has disappeared. The great wise men of the East have succumbed to business wizards and have submitted to sirens of the degenerate western matrix. Vietnam has forgotten his hydraulic society (read again genius Wittfogel!), and covered his streets wits scooters and bikes and masks because of pollution; everybody has forgotten the heroic war against the Yankees, everybody wants to be rich and to live like a Yankee (well, like a John Wayne type Yankee; because one hundred millions Americans endure today poverty and social diseases); India has sold her soul to the class of the vaishya, to the merchants. Only stock exchange, real estate speculation, destruction of slums, and TV commercials are now the ordinary of the Mahatma's great nation or of heirs of the Maharshi . Think now of broke and impoverished Japan, of his junkies and hippies, of his degenerate way of life, think of the end of samurai and bushido ethics, think of the end of the emperor. There is no last emperor there; there is just an extra emperor who is as dull as a Dutch queen. I was in Tokyo last year; the atmosphere is not human, it is post-human and you have (like I already explained) to be a false cosmonaut -or a cockroach - to survive in such awful conditions.

So where is the East we used to dream of? Today's pilgrimages are just business stuff like ours. La Mecca is now a nightmare and a big one, built and rebuilt by Bin Laden clan! Last Sunday Lionel Messi was almost lynched by a mob of football fans in Saudi Arabia. He is the real god of these new humans, not Allah. If we cast aside a minority of old believers, like in the West, mosques and old temples are just business or tourist centres while the churches have been replaced by shopping malls anywhere. One century ago, many had the feeling in Europe, like René Guénon, Schuon or Daniélou that there was something left intact in the entropy of the modern world. It was the East.

Guénon prophesised so an eastern victory at the End of Times and he was wrong. The East barely became the fifty-first American state like anyone. And no country has conserved a drop of his fading charisma (except Bhutan may be?). I won't even mention China. Last night I almost wept reviewing my wonderful crouching tiger hidden dragon. Look post-modern China: is that what we were promised to? You just have fumes, smokes, corruption, empty luxury shops, traffic jam and imperialistic bargain with the Americans. Have you been recently in China, once the most beautiful landscape in the world turned into a Las Vegas suburb? Is that the result of the first world economy? Killing her soul as well as her body?

Well, may be we were expecting too much of eastern humanity. They were so poor, you know, and civilization was so fascinating, you know... Everybody wants his fridge, his smart phone and his holidays on the beach, I know...

Yet I am not resigned. The decline of the east will come too, economically and demographically, like in the West and like in Japan. The human being who betrays his ideals his ancestors and his faith to behave like a Yankee is spiritually and economically doomed. Here will be Obama everywhere, bankrupting a morally deficient and warmonger country!

This is why I wait a lot from Eastern Europe, eastern Christianity, after the fall of our cataclysmic currency (euro) and of our alliance with the Americans.

As put once Heidegger, the West means what it is the nearer to the origin. There will be a rebirth of the West.


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Con artist Gordon Bajnai attacks the country

Con artist Gordon Bajnai talked to the foreign press the first time since he has formed the “Együtt” election alliance. The former prime minister attacked the Orbán government and outlined some of his ideas about turning back the wheel of history to the time when he and his bosom buddy, Ferenc Gyurcsany ruled the country unopposed. This was the time when Ferenc Gyurcsany and other political criminals could imprison and torture anyone who dared to oppose their treasonous agenda of indebting the country. (Look here.)

Due to Wallis Rt businiss dealings led by Bajnai, Hajdu-Bet Rt. bankrupted hundreds of poultry farmers among whose several committed suicide. With such a background then prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsany invited Bajnai into his government to work together on the arcane project of indebting the country for the benefit of their foreign puppet masters.

When Gyurcsany resigned in 2008, due to the Öszöd lie speech, Bajnai took over as the prime minister of the country; as the head of government, he continued the policy of indebting the country and the prosecution of his political opponents.

When Bajnai had been defeated in 2010, the country was near bankruptcy; gypsy criminals terrorized the population and hundreds of thousands of people had to contemplate on the prospect of getting evicted from their homes due to fraudulent mortgage schemes that the Gyurcsany-Bajnai tandem seduced them into.

After his defeat in 2010, Bajnai went to the United States to improve his organizational skills and fine-tune his campaigning competence in order to be able to challenge PM Orbán at the 2014 national election – to raise his profile his handlers got him a guest lecturer job at Columbia University in New York City.

In an interview with Reuters Bajnai said:

"They [the Orbán government] are using their two-thirds majority to build a regime... We have to organize a large, strong political centre of people of different values, ideologies who want to live in a normal developing European country and not one that is drifting away from Europe." Meaning: We, would like to see the continuation of the high national debt as indebtedness is the only way to keep a country enslaved. We oppose the Orbán government's policy of debt reduction as it may leads to more sovereignty. We oppose the taxing of banks and other large corporations and the fact that the government started doing business with Asian countries. The goal of our political alliance is to reverse the current economic and political course by removing the Orbán government from power. Our election alliance are diverse to the point that we accept anyone in our coalition no question asked. So far we are supported by foreign predators, useful idiots, senile retirees, the zombified victims of mass media and all sorts of corrupt elements. And last but not least, we don't like the new constitution that reflects back the Christian world view of the people, because enlightened people are hard to enslave.

Bajnai:"Partly because of lack of competence and partly because of political overruling of economic rationale, this government has not been able to present a sustainable economic plan," Meaning: In truth, the Orban government has been reeling under heavy debt burden that Bajnai and his criminal accomplices created at the first place. It is the suffocating debt and the global depression that are responsible for the slow economic recovery.

Bajnai: "The IMF/EU contract would be a sort of stamp on government economic policy, which is badly needed because the credibility of the country is in shambles." Meaning: Here we are getting to the crux of the matter. The globalist stooge openly advocating the colonization of the county by IMF. Bajnai would like to hand over even that little sovereignty that has remained in government's hands to international corporations to reduce the country's legal standing to the status of an American Indian reserve.

Apparently, in the same interview with Reuters, the American puppet compared Fidesz and Jobbik voters to Asian tribes that are dealing drugs and living in mountainous regions without knowing what country they belong to indicating that there is not much of a difference between the two camps.

Not surprisingly, the globalist media is deliberately slanting the news on Bajnai's treacherous past. Humanity is at the crossroads; international predators want to acquire the last vestiges of the wealth of nations. In Hungary the arable land and water resources are the only assets that are still in public ownership and these are the assets that global corporations want to put their hands on right after the land purchase moratorium for foreigners expires in 2014. This is why Bajnai, the man without moral fiber, has been revived by his handlers. His mission is to sell out the country's arable land and water reserves to foreigners for pennies as the conman already has experiences in stealing other people's properties and suiciding them when nothing more left to take away from them.

The following documentary shows the looting of small poultry farmers by Bajnai's firm, Hajdu-Bet Rt. made by documentary filmmaker László Pesty. It is highly recommended that Hungarian speakers watch the movie and show it to their friends and acquaintances so that everybody can get a clear picture about the character and moral qualities of Hungary's next prime minister wannabe.


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Disinfo agent Attila Mesterházy slandered Hungry in an interview with l'Unite

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"The European Union can't close its eyes and can't remain silent in the face of the destruction of the rule of law by the Orbán government... by introducing voter registration the Orbán government advancing institutional dictatorship," said globalist stooge Attila Mesterházy to l'Unite, a leftist Italian newspaper on Sunday.

"We call upon the European Union to stop the country's drift towards fascism," said the globalist degenerate who can't forgive the Orbán government for introducing the voter registration law as it makes much harder for former Bolsheviks and their co-conspirators to pull off yet another major voter fraud.

Mesterházy, whose accomplice Ferenc Gyurcsany ordered police to shoot and torture protesters in 2006, argued that all measures that the Orbán government takes is driven by “authoritarian logic and rather than looking into the future, it takes ideas from the country's dark and dismal past; it pursues a dictatorial policy by restricting social and civil rights” said the globalist vampire.

Maria Wittner, one of the heroes of the 1956 revolution, who was sentenced to death, but her death sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment called Mesterházy's slanderous remarks high treason. The pro-government politician said Mesterházy is power-crazy and he is lying about Hungary whenever he gets the chance to speak.

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Hungarica's new album has been released

Hugarica is one of the most popular rock bands in Hungary, despite the fact that the band is thoroughly boycotted by forces controlling the Hungarian cultural scene; the band's songs depicting Hungarian history, mythology and they call for the love of the country. The band's songs are never played by mainstream radio or TV stations, but by the internet and the alternative media the band's fan base has been growing by leaps and bounds.

The title of the new album “Test és Vér” (Flesh and Blood) points back to the Hungarian term “testvér” (means both brothers and sisters). According to my best knowledge, the term equivalent to “testvér” ('fleshblood' literally) doesn't exist in other languages, but maybe I'm wrong. It is a cover term for both brother and sister. For instance, if I say I have two “testvér” ('fleshblood') you won't know that my “testvér” is male or female, it can mean both.

The imagery of the album cover depicts two Scythian warriors representing two brothers – Hunor-Magor – the mythical ancestors of Hungarians. But, as guitar player Norbert Mentes explained the imagery also referring to Polish-Hungarian brotherhood. The song in the video has been co-written with Polish musician Adrzej Nowak who is one of the founders of the Polish band TSA.

The album can be ordered from HERE!!!

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