All Hungarian developed multipurpose drone has been revealed

Monday, November 5, 2012

Besides its military use, the unmanned multipurpose aircraft can be used in several other areas including disaster management and emergency situations said Defense Minister Csaba Hende in Veszprém when he has revealed the all Hungarian developed aircraft on Monday.

At the Hungarian Army Bakony Combat Training Center in Veszprém-Újmajor the defense minister said by deploying the unmanned aircraft the Hungarian Armed Forces acquire 21st century reconnaissance capabilities.

The robotic aircraft takes utmost importance in the Hungarian military's foreign missions as it is capable of detecting roadside explosive devices and helping troop movements. The minister stressed that the all Hungarian designed multipurpose aircraft made in Hungary from all Hungarian made materials, which include both hardware and software.

After thorough testing, the Hungarian Armed Forces start deploying the aircraft in the near future said Hende.

The defense minister noted that due to the fact that the aircraft is an all Hungarian made product it costs half the price of its foreign made equivalences. Hende hopes that defense industry companies successfully sell the product to civilian businesses as well.

Defense Electronics, Logistics and Asset Management Company Ltd. (HM EI Co.) and Currus Inc. began researching the field of unmanned aircraft in 2007 and in 2012 they have developed a complex system said Chief Executive Officer of HM EI Co. Lajos Móró.

For the time being, the aircraft has been manufactured in two versions, Ikran and Bora. Ikran was conceived to carry out pre-programmed long distance reconnaissance missions. It is equipped with HD camera on board and the maneuvering of the aircraft is assisted by telemetry data software located in the nose of the aircraft.

Bora has the same capabilities, but in addition, it is equipped with HD image processing, comparison and evaluation software as well.

One feature of the Hungarian made drone is that its software is user friendly, it can be learned easily and needs only three people to operate the aircraft.

Further development direction of the aircraft includes control robotics development, programming number of aircraft's simultaneous flight time, flight planning, software management development and integration of imaging systems for the aircraft said the Chief Executive Officer of Currus Inc. Attila Molnar.

The other unique feature of the Bora version of the aircraft is that it can fly silently and can be launched from hand and it needs only three meters long airstrip to land.

As an example, in flood emergencies the aircraft can land on the top of a narrow dam to assess damage in the structure.

Because it can fly silently, the aircraft can get behind enemy lines, snoop around and return with essential information without being detected.

Attila Molnar said the aircraft's control processor and the signal transmitter and receiver are ground-breaking developments. The so-called mobile command post antenna mounted in the nose of the aircraft; it closely monitoring the direction and the movement of the aircraft to ensure the best possible data connection between the aircraft and the flight controllers on the ground.

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