Cops were beaten up by gypsy mob in Kenderes

Monday, January 28, 2013

On January 24, police officers stopped a vehicle in Kenderes to check the identity of the driver who is suspected of drunk driving. Three of the four occupants of the car refused to hand over their identity cards to the officers; the gypsies shouted obscenities and insulting words to the officers and threatened them with violence, then, they sped away from the scene.

The officers asked for reinforcements, and gave chase; they caught up with the criminals in a street where a mob of about 30 gypsies surrounded the officers, as the criminals mobilized their relatives through the phone.

The gypsy mob attacked the four police officers; they beat them up causing serious injuries to two of the officers. Luckily reinforcement arrived in time; the officers narrowly escaped lynching and are very lucky to be alive today.

Three men have been detained and charged with violence against law enforcement officers.

(Notes: These kinds of crimes are quite common in Hungary. Behind the scene forces that are controlling the government don't allow police to restore law and order and improve public security in any significant way. This is especially true when it comes to crimes committed by the minority. The supporters of behind the scene forces set up all kinds of fake human rights organizations to monitor government officials and their handling of gypsy criminals. The government is forced to use positive discrimination towards the visible minority tacitly encouraging them to continue their criminal lifestyle, which is in fact the aim of the whole exercise. These insidious forces are in fact running gypsy crime from behind the scene; this is to make sure that citizens become busy with their own individual survival twenty-four-hours a day, which allows the criminal mafia to steal their properties in close cooperation with complicit and corrupt government officials. Police are so much intimidated by these forces and their complicit superiors that they don't dare to make decisive actions against gypsy criminals even when their lives are in danger. Any harm to the criminal could end the career of the police officer. As we have seen in this case, police arrested only three individuals from the close to 30 who attacked them. But even the three, in all probability will get away with the crime by receiving a very light sentences, maybe just a suspended sentence as the corrupt judiciary is also part of the game. Until this satanic force maintains its grip over the world's governments there is no chance for marked improvements in public security in any of those countries.)

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Anonymous said...

Why police officers don't shoot?
It's never gonna change!
Or they just like to shoot innocent people?

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