Globalist agent Gordon Bajnai and his movement condemn Jobbik referendum proposal

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Globalist agent Gordon Bajnai and his movement called (Együtt Tettük Tönkre az Országot 2014” are outraged about Jobbik plan to hold a referendum on sanctioning the families of violent offenders.

According to the plan, welfare families whose children commit violent crimes should be cut off from social assistance.

According to the globalist agent, the plan is based on the principle of collective guilt and if implemented it stigmatizes families, innocent children and parents, which "run counter to the Constitution, the rule of law and the most fundamental values ​​of humanity."

No one can be punished for an act he did not commit lied Bajnai (parents have a legal responsibility for the upbringing and development of their children).

Conman Bajnai calls upon all “democratic” parties and law-abiding citizens to reject the referendum initiative."

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