PM Orbán: A new era begins in Hungarian-Russian relations

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Hungarian delegation led by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán arrived in Moscow Thursday around noon. The Hungarian delegation includes among others, Minister for National Economy György Matolcsy, Minister of National Development Németh Lászlóné, Minister without Portfolio Mihály Varga, the Prime Minister's State Secretary of Foreign Affairs Péter Szijjártó and Foreign Economic Relations and President and Chief Executive Officer of MVM Hungarian Power Companies Ltd., Csaba Baji.

The purpose of the visit is to discuss all issues relating to the post-crisis era said PM Viktor Orbán after meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. "We would like to cooperate with a strong and powerful Russia. We are open to discuss all relevant issues sincerely," said the prime minister.

Hungary's elementary interest is to keep good relations and close cooperation with Russia. "We, Hungarians are aware of the importance of Russia in world politics; we are respecting this big country not primarily because of its size, but because of its culture; our respect of Russian culture could be the basis of a strong economic cooperation between our countries" said Orbán.

The Hungarian government encourages Russian investments in Hungary; we would like to see further developments in the energy sector. Hungary counts on Russia world-class technology in the energy industry said Orbán. The prime minister hopes that Hungary too will be able to increase its exports to Russia.

Orbán reminded journalists that Russia -- after Germany -- Hungary's second most important trading partner. The total trade volume between the two countries in 2011 reached US $ 11 billion. He noted, however, that investment in the past three years grew only slightly because of this, further economic stimulation is needed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin remarked that Russia plays a decisive role in Hungary's energy sector by supplying the country with crude oil, natural gas and electricity; a Russian company supplies the Paks nuclear power plant with nuclear fuel as well said the Russian president.

Russian companies are eager to participate in the reconstruction of the Hungarian power plants and build new ones said the Russian president; then, he thanked Hungary for supporting the South Stream gas pipeline construction, which provides around 610 million euros of investment, transit fees and other revenues to the Hungarian economy.

The Russian president emphasized that several Hungarian companies - mainly in the pharmaceutical industry – are very successful in the Russian market. Hungary "is undoubtedly our priority partner in Eastern Europe", and relations between our countries develop in all directions said the Russian president.

Putin thanked Hungarian officials for renaming a City Park promenade in Budapest after the world-famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. "This shows that our relationship is quite differently now than it was the past ten years. It has become more transparent, friendly and pragmatic in nature " said Putin.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced in Moscow that today, the Hungarian government bought back all natural gas storage facilities that Gyurcsany and the former socialist regimes privatized.

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