The Gyurcsany-Bajnai-Mesterhazy gang demonstrates at Fidesz headquarters on Sunday

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The forces of disinformation and misdirection demonstrate at Fidesz headquarters on Sunday to demand the immediate removal of journalist Zsolt Bayer from the party. The reason is an article that Bayer published in “Magyar Hirlap” (a mainstream media outlet) in the wake of a gypsy lynching attempt at New Year's Eve in a pub in Szigethalom that almost claimed the life of two junior athletes.

As we reported earlier, a gypsy horde attacked a group of junior athletes in a pub in Szigethalom at New Year's Eve wounding two of them seriously; as a result of the nature of the injuries, one of the athletes has to say goodbye to competitive racing for good.

The globalist opposition pretends outrage; after causing staggering damage to the Hungarian economy during their two terms in power, the globalist opposition has the audacity to lecture Fidesz on moral values and demand Bayer's removal from the party for an article in which he describes the lynching attempt without using politically correct language.

The demonstration has been organized by the Democratic Coalition, the party that gathers the worst kind of political criminals among its ranks, who are sworn enemies of the nation. This gang is responsible for indebting the country during their two terms in power; they orchestrated fraudulent mortgage schemes in tandem with the banks that got hundreds of thousands of naïve people into a debt trap; they encouraged police to shoot peaceful protesters in 2006 and ordered their henchmen to torture defenseless prisoners held illegally in various correctional institutions around the country. It was Gyurcsany and his partners in crime that unleashed gypsy criminals on Hungarian society creating a social crisis, perhaps the biggest since the 1956 revolution.

The goal of the globalist opposition is to create a nationwide scandal and confuse misinformed Fidesz supporters in the hope that they might vote for them at the next general election in 2014.

In the mentioned article journalist Bayer simply stated what ordinary Hungarians think about gypsy criminals; he used plain language when described gypsy criminals; he called them "cowardly, disgusting, noxious animals.” “A significant part of the Roma population is not suitable for human coexistence... this part of the Roma population behaves like animals...and this situation should be rectified immediately!" writes Bayer.

Magyar Hirlap urged its readers to support the beleaguered journalist and reject the fake outrage of the globalist opposition.



Anonymous said...

This is a good education in RealPolitik - try to control both sides of the debate and use a "Strawman" as a shill.

The CNN clown show recently played the same game with a faked debate using the (fake) truther Alex Jones as the "Strawman" ranting lunatic and the CNN globalist host as the "voice of reason". Great ( garbage ) theatre !

These clowns present an excellent opportunity for a political education and (mainstream) media manipulation identification. First class propaganda that would make the Soviets envious !

Anonymous said...

It is also known as "Black Propaganda".

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