Video: Gypsies demolishing the once popular shopping center in Pécs

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Anonymous said...

Gypsies = monkeys

Anonymous said...

Where are the gypsies? Looks like they would be doing Pecs a favor here.

ricsi said...

Sorry but there are very few gypsies around Kertváros,Pécs. I dislike gypsies as much as you but this is local gangs vandalising this abandoned shopping centre that was very popular in the 80-90s with Yugoslav shoppers.

HungarianAmbiance said...

Hi ricsi,

Thanks for the correction. It seems that this lucrative business practice is catching on with Hungarians as well. I've heard that the property was bought up by a German investor, then he closed it down and left it to criminals to reduce it to rubble. Perhaps he thinks, this is cheaper than hiring a demolishing company.

ricsi said...

Yes, you are right about the German investor,he bought it just before the crisis-oops ! He will have to do something soon because it is subject to the new property tax even if left ruined-rebuilding or demolishing is his only option. We believe he was waiting for the new South Pécs industrial/trade park to be built on the land nearby,but this also collapsed because of the crisis. He owns a prime spot very near the end of the M6/M60 motorway and it would be very valuable should the crisis ever end.
Best regards always

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