Street named after legendary guitarist Béla Radics

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Béla Radics grew up in the working class district of “Angyalföld”, Budapest. His musical talent was already obvious at a young age. He received his first guitar in 1959, at the age of 16. He played in the “Atlantis”, the “Sakk-Matt”, the “Alligator”, the “Arena”, the “Tűzkerék” rock bands, but he achieved his greatest success in the “Taurus” supergroup. He was called the Hungarian Jimi Hendrix.

Under the communist regime he was quarantined and the music industry completely ignored him. He didn't even get close to record a radio or a television show; as a result, he had turned to alcohol and died in 1982, at the age of 36 from alcohol related illness.

Because of his total isolation by the communist regime even his amplifier was bought by his fans, while other second rate talents, the favorites of the regime got all the help and opportunity they needed to make records. Radics died penniless even his tombstone was paid for by his fans and friends.

His memory has been preserved by some amateur recordings. A monument was erected to the memory of the great guitarist by the Béla Radics Memorial Society seven years ago. Honorary citizenship bestowed on him this summer by Budapest Csepel district and journalist Balint Csaba wrote a book about him titled “Radics Béla a beatkorszakban”.

Radics last concert in the “Ifipark” in 1982



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