Another poll by Median puts Jobbik ahead of the Socialists

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another poll by Median puts Jobbik ahead of the Socialist party, in other words, Jobbik is the second most popular party in the country.

The results:

Fidesz: 41% (43%)
Jobbik: 19% (15%)
Socialists: 17% (27%)
“Együtt 2014”: 15% (7%)
DK: 4% (2%)
LMP: 2% (6%)
Others: 2% (0%)

The result of the poll also shows that the combined support for the globalist parties is still lagging behind Fidesz's popularity.

Jobbik's support is growing slowly but steadily.

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Anonymous said...

The Norwegian Defence League As Trojan Horse

Globalist (communist) elites operate complex strategies to undermine democracies and nationalism.

Investigative reporters for the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet revealed in February 2013 that NDL was founded by Christian Høibø, a Communist agent of the PST (...Police Security Service)... an anti-white domestic terrorist organization that effectively ran the NDL for two years.

Following the recent revelations, PST drew fire from Norwegian elites....The critics were disturbed that the secret police were spying on violent anti-white Communist organizations that are considered integral to the ruling class.

Freedom of Speech and Association Are Prerequisites for Democracy

In order for genuine democracy to function, a meaningful degree of free speech and free association must exist.

Anti-democratic systems can of course call themselves “democracies,” “people’s democracies,” and so forth, but that does not make them so.

Contemporary states in which mass media are concentrated in the hands of tiny, totalitarian minorities with no one else permitted a say in public discourse, that biologically destroy white populations in flagrant violation of laws prohibiting genocide, engage in replacement migration, recklessly assassinate, torture, and jail citizens, wantonly destroy entire nations, racially discriminate and oppress, formally designate pornography (the organized prostitution of and sexual trafficking in young white girls) “free speech” and proscribe core political and historical speech as “hate,” “racism,” “anti-Semitism,” “Holocaust denial,” and “disparaging the memory of the dead,” are not democracies.

Scorn democracy as zealously as you will, the fact is that Norway and other ex-Western countries hate it as much as you do.

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