Anti-gypsy graffiti in Forró, a possible false flag

Monday, February 4, 2013

Racist and anti-Gypsy graffiti appeared in the village of Forró, near Miskolc during the night today.

The “unknown” perpetrators might have several objectives to be achieved with this action. This can be a message to Canadian officials that started repatriating gypsy criminals who didn't meet refugee status requirements.

This suspicious incident might have also something to do with the arrival of an international Jewish delegation in Hungary to investigate rising antisemitism and racism in the country.

(Note: A Jewish fact finding delegation composed of members of the European Jewish Parliament, the European Jewish Union and the Rabbinical Centre of Europe currently visiting Hungary to investigate rising antisemitism and racism in the country. The delegation has already established that antisemitism in Hungary is on the rise and right-wing ideologies are spreading among the population posing significant threat to the Jewish community.)

Here is a summary of their findings.

Curiously, the appearance of the anti-gypsy graffiti in Forró coincide with the condemnation of Hungary by Jewish organizations.

We can be fairly sure that the corporate media around the world will pick up the case in the coming days to start the next round of anti-Hungarian propaganda campaign worldwide -- another sign of a multi-front war on our country by behind the scene forces.

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Anonymous said...

False flag? Judging from the grammar and spelling, it is. Gypsies are famous for being only semi-literate. The graffiti CLEARLY reflects that, in MORE ways than one - including the calligraphy - by the way.

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