Anti-Hungarian attacks in Serbia continue, the Hungarian government issued a stern warning

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Hungarian government is baffled by the increasing anti-Hungarian incidents in Temerin, Újvidék and Óbecse said Deputy Prime Minister Semjén Zsolt on Monday. The Hungarian government calls upon Serbian officials to take decisive actions against the chauvinist attacks on the country's ethnic Hungarian minority and investigate the incidents thoroughly as these attacks becoming a regular feature of everyday life in Serbia while the two nations are on the verge of a historic reconciliation said Semjén.

It will be difficult to form and maintain trust between the two countries if the recent attacks on ethnic Hungarians are not investigated and preventive actions are not taken as soon as possible said Semjén.

The Hungarian government is confident that the democratic state of Serbia - which is determined to join the European community – will take all the necessary steps to ensure that the legal rights of national minorities are protected said the Hungarian politician.

Semjén emphasized that the Hungarian government expects from the Serbian side to investigate all racist incidents quickly and impartially, without the use of "double standards" and bring the perpetrators to justice and give wide publicity to the cases.
The recent attacks on Hungarians create a sense of insecurity among ethnic Hungarians in Serbia therefore, it is essential that the Serbian government take a firm stance against the ethnic-based incidents, condemn them and ensure an impartial investigation of all cases said the communiqué issued by Deputy Prime Minister Semjén Zsolt.

The most recent attack on ethnic Hungarians took place in Temerin two weeks ago. VajdaságMa reported on January 27 that a week before two Hungarian youths were assaulted as they walked home from a disco during the night. A large group of Serbian nationals passed by and when they heard that the two friends spoke Hungarian they assaulted them.

One of the victims was assaulted by a beer battle who as a result suffered serious injuries on his head. His friend was punched and kicked while Serbians shouted anti-Hungarians slurs. During the same night, the very same Serbian gang attacked another group of Hungarians causing serious injuries to one of them, who as a result, suffered fractured nose, two of his companions escaped with lighter injuries.

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