Claudio Mutti interviews Gábor Vona: Americanism is a deadly virus

Friday, February 22, 2013

Italian "Eurasia Rivista di Studi geopolitici" geopolitical workshop director, Claudio Mutti talked to Jobbik chairman Gábor Vona about current political issues.

C. Mutti - The corporate media characterizes Jobbik as a far right party. At the same time, they add that Fidesz and Jobbik are on the same side of the political palette; this is despite the fact that one of them is a governing party and the other is in opposition. What is in common and what are the main differences between the two parties?

G. Vona - Jobbik is a radical nationalist party; in this context, the term "nationalist" means Hungarian, it represents Hungary's interests; the term "radical" means a methodological approach. The situation in the country is critical; those who want to implement meaningful changes must be radical. But it is important to emphasize that neither nationalism nor radicalism are values in themselves. Jobbik represents conservative values and principles. The Jobbik party defends traditional and universal human values in this modernist and disintegrating world. Fidesz represents neither national nor radical nor liberal traditions. Fidesz is an opportunistic, technocratic party that changes its value as often as people change their clothes. It was Jobbik's nationalist breakthrough in Hungarian politics that drifted Fidesz to the nationalist side, but no one should be fooled by this. Fidesz basically a modernist, liberal party whose vision is much closer to the socialist party than to the Jobbik party.

C. Mutti - The mainstream media accusing Jobbik with "populism", "racism" and "antisemitism". These terms are used as forms of political propaganda. In your opinion, what is the purpose of using these terms in relation to Jobbik policies?

G. Vona - The goal is clear. If the elite do not want or do not dare to venture into a debate with Jobbik because perhaps afraid to lose, then the easiest way out of the predicament is to accuse the party with antisemitism. Today, antisemitism is used to stigmatize people, antisemites can be quarantined. I do not make excuses, but I must say, Jobbik doesn't have a single proposition that differentiates between human beings. We simply tell the truth about Israel the way we see it and many people don't like that. The fact that less and less people are interested in this witch hunt is the proof that the world is changing. Jobbik's popularity despite all lies is growing.

C. Mutti - "Antisemitism" charges are usually used by the State of Israel against those that question the legitimacy of the Jewish state, or simply criticize Israeli policies. What's Jobbik's position on the state of Israel?

G. Vona - Israel was born under unusual circumstances that raises several questions yet, Jobbik supports the two-state solution in Palestine, in other words we recognize the rights of both the Jewish and an independent Palestinians state to exist. The international community should have enforced the two state solution long time ago, but the majority of those states are controlled by the Zionist lobby.

C. Mutti - If I'm not mistaken, you call yourself an "EU-realist". What does this mean? At the same time, could you explain what do you mean by the concept "European Nation States" project, which opposes the current federalist policy of the European Union?

G. Vona - Indeed, I am an EU-realist, and taking into account the current situation, this equals to EU-skepticism. The future of the European Union looks bleak; instead of building its future on traditional European values, ​​the European Union is preparing to join forces with the United States hoping that this alliance will solve its problems. This is a mistake. We, Europeans need to find a social, economic and political model that can be integrated into a new system based on historical perspectives. This new paradigm should be the basis of the solution that the independent European Nation States offer; in other words, instead of creating a federal political system, like the United States we favor partnership and the alliance of the independent states of Europe. We have to make nation states stronger rather than destroy them. Strong families depend on strong individuals, strong nations depend on strong families and a strong Europe depends on strong nation states.

C Mutti – In one of my articles ("Hungarians go east!") last year, I had the opportunity to summarize one of your articles that you wrote for Barikad Magazine to "Eurasia" readers -- the article was published on June 7, 2012 and titled “Eurasiasm” rather than “Euro-Atlanticism”. Can you elaborate on those concepts?

G. Vona - The European Union is a liberal oddity without moral believes; it has adopted American cultural, economic and political values, rather than charting its own course. Europe has to find a way out of the current catastrophic situation, as I mentioned before, but I have to add that the road to recovery leads through the East. I see two Eurasian centers that we Hungarians, but in my view the whole of Europe have to re-consider. One is Russia, the other is Turkey. These states are tough cookies and yet, we have to deal with them. Regarding Russia the historical past and state capitalism complicate things. In the case of Turkey, the main question is how to deal with immigration and the Muslim faith that most European states can't digest. These issues might pose further questions, but they can't hinder the development of the Eastern partnership project. Europe must move in that direction. This is our political, economic and cultural interest. Americanism for us a deadly virus. It invades our minds, paralyzes our bodies, weakens our immune system, and finally kills us. The sooner we get this virus out of our system the easier the new beginning becomes because we need a new beginning.

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Anonymous said...

It is important to understand HISTORY and the current Rothschild Banking SYSTEM with its associated social agendas.

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Capitalism is based on managing its inherent crises. It is also based on the need to maximise profit, beat down competitors, cut overheads and depress wages...

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In opposition to the myth of “free markets,” at least 40 percent of world trade is subject to such operations. Two key landmarks characterize the current capitalist restructuring process:

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The restructuring of innovation systems. This aspect of neoliberal capitalism involves the implementation of mechanisms such as outsourcing (including offshore-outsourcing)...
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Anonymous said...

It is important to begin discussing alternatives to the current neoliberal economic disaster - the Shock Doctrine. Inclusive are less domineering (hegemony) and more trustworthy trade partners - including a North - South trade axis from the Baltics to the Balkans and East to Persia and beyond.

There is a need to re-constitute the domestic economy with a mixture of traditional economics - business and modern economic systems. The potential solutions require a hybrid of monetary economics (public banking), economic capture and distribution of productivity gains (Social Credit) - the commons of national wealth and income distribution, and "Distributist" economics (Social Economy, Co-ops, family owned business)- Mondragon type industry (Cooperatives).

It is important to get these economic models and concepts out into the public domain for discussion and consideration.

Public banking:

Anonymous said...

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Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

Re "Americanism (is) for us a deadly virus. It invades our minds, paralyzes our bodies, weakens our immune system, and finally kills us. The sooner we get this virus out of our system the easier the new beginning becomes because we need a new beginning."

Bravo! Amerikan White Nationalism is as narrow, crass, and imperialistic as the meta-ideology and culture from which it sprang. It can burn along with the meta-ideology.

Fred Fender said...

Sebastian is probably a Chosen One.

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