Family-friendly measures could reverse the negative trend in childbirth

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The government is hoping that the negative demographic trend can be reversed by family-friendly programs. The statistical office seems to confirm that the turn around in birth rate has become a trend; last year 2.6 percent more baby was born than a year earlier due to the family-friendly measures legislated by the government.

The Fidesz government managed to reverse the negative trend in three years that bottomed out under the treasonous socialist regimes.

The new family-friendly measures include three-year child benefit, family tax benefit, housing support for families indebted in foreign currency, overhead reduction, job security action plan, the Erzsébet program and family-friendly workplace initiatives.

Due to these measures, new family organizations and active community projects are popping up in every segment of society.

The statistical office reported that in 2012, 90,300 baby were born and the number of marriages registered during 2012 was 36,200, which is a 1.1 percent increase comparing to the previous year.

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Géza said...

this is very good news and now up to the top from here ....

Szebbjovot said...

Probably just my Hungarian negativity speaking, but I won't cheer until we know for sure that these were not just gypsies.

Anonymous said...

Dear Szebbjovot,
I wish you to live in a society where you are in minority.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, though, how many of these children are the spawn of gypsies? We know that they have no problem responding to social welfare

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