Here is the list of countries where the new Hungarian citizens are coming from

Thursday, February 28, 2013

The justice ministry published a document on February 26 giving a detailed list of the number of new Hungarian citizens and their country of origin.

The first column of the table shows ​​the number of application submissions, the second column includes the total number of applicants including children who are not eligible to submit an application.

As the document shows in 2012, 362,206 individuals applied for simplified Hungarian citizenship. 177,002 citizenship applications handed in on the territory of Hungary (most of these applicants come from the neighboring countries) and 185,204 abroad. Since the new citizenship law came into effect on January 1st, 2011 320,524 people have received Hungarian citizenship and approx. 40 thousand applications are still under process.

Most of the new Hungarian citizens came from Erdély, Romania (125,275 not counting applications submitted in Hungary), the runner-up is Serbia with 39,383 applicants, followed by Ukraine with 8784 applicants.

A relatively high number of applications received from Western Europe as well (England 1607, Germany 1290), the U.S. (1323) and Israel (855), but applications also received from distant countries including Indonesia, Kenya, Japan and Syria.

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Géza said...

what are all those third world countries do in this list??? Like african and arab countries... so they all have hungarian ancesters and still speak hungarian??

I can agree with the hungarian nationality for our hungarian kin in the old territories, but not from socalled "magyars" from african and other third world countries and Israel, no!!!

I don't think that is what the new law was aiming at...

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