Hungarian Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Enikő Győri met Előd Tóásó in the San Pedro jail

Friday, February 15, 2013

During her official visit in Bolivia, Hungarian Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Enikő Győri met Előd Tóásó in the San Pedro jail on Thursday. Tóásó and his 38 co-defendants have been charged with terrorism and are in jail without conviction since April 2009. An UN resolution criticized Tóásó's unlawful detention last year, but up until now, Bolivian authorities haven't responded to the criticism.

The Hungarian politician met Bolivian Deputy Foreign Minister Juan Carlos Allurade Tejada in La Paz on Thursday; the two politicians discussed bilateral relations between the two countries and Győri invited her Bolivian counterpart to a United Nations Conference on water resources will be held in Hungary this fall.

The Hungarian politician expressed concerns over Tóásó's shaky legal defense as the current legal environment in Bolivia doesn't provide the necessary conditions for a fair trial. If the situation won't change in the near future Hungary might bring the case to international bodies. Allurade acknowledged that the justice system does not work perfectly in his country said Győri.

Bolivian correctional officials tried to prevent the Hungarian politician from meeting Tóásó in the San Pedro jail, even if she had official permit to do so. Later, however, she was allowed to enter the jail and meet Tóásó in the meeting room of the correctional institution without supervision. Tóásó has compiled a long list of complaints regarding his legal defense and handed it over to the secretary of state.

On Friday, Enikő Győri meets with representatives of the Bolivian opposition and Tóásó's lawyer.

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