Jobbik MEP Krisztina Morvai defending Russia and criticizing the EU's double standard policy

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

While the European Union takes every opportunity to condemn Russia and other countries outside the EU on human rights violations, in the EU human rights abuses continue unabated. Jobbik MEP Krisztina Morvai talked about the EU double standards policy at the EU Parliamentary Committee on Organized Crime committee meeting in Brussels.

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Anonymous said...

Social Uprising in Slovenia against Neoliberal Austerity Measures

Behind the mirage of the brand new world, neoliberalism with a European face has finally shown its most real and brutal shape. The fairy tale of the free market society and of fair elections in the legal state supposed to guard young democracy, has been drowned in once tasty “Cabernet Slovignon.”
Protesters have recognized that something is rotten in the state of Slovenia, and the leading puppets are only the most visible symptoms of a deeper underlying and structural crisis of capitalism.

People are struggling under dismal social conditions in the new Slovenia, and many groups have been working to formulate socio-economic alternatives to the existing order. Aspirations that used to be unthinkable only few months ago, such as demands for direct democracy and democratic socialism, have come to the centre of mainstream public media.
The popular political agenda is no longer defined and molded by existing institutions or parties. It is now also being shaped by people on the streets, in numerous public performances, cultural events and political discussions of new popular councils, committees, and initiatives that take extremely seriously the search for the broadest possible democratic platform.
Protests and discussions strengthen and expand the politics beyond representative democracy and its defunct policies.

These were recently even criticized by the International Monetary Fund that promotes austerity, and launched horrendous policies across the European periphery in the first place. They have included: privatization of banks (even manipulating a public referendum on setting up a ‘bad bank’ to handle defaulted loans); imposition of special ‘holding-expert’ institutions that would sell all domestic capital to the foreign investment firms; ...
Austerity, in short, is financial discipline sanctioning unprecedented exploitation of labour. It is intended to ease the re-investment of capital in crisis. It comes as no surprise, then, that in the time of ever more severe economic crisis the heaviest burden falls on ordinary people.
For over two decades the political class of Slovenia has been congratulating itself for undertaking the most successful transition to a market economy. But the success story of the “Switzerland of the Balkans” has fallen apart like a paper-house. The mythical figures and actions of Slovenian independence have been stripped naked. Even people who ‘fought’ for democratic transformations of the crippled Yugoslav state in late 1980s have finally seen the great robbery: the dispossession of social wealth both by local tycoons and foreign capital; gradual dismantling of the welfare state; social exclusion of underprivileged and vulnerable social groups.
Waking up from the Slovenian dream came late. However, it seems that even those living in the deep apathy of recent years have become political, organizing, discussing, meeting and creating... At a time when the number of people demanding food stamps and charity is at an all-time high and evictions are common, the situation is ready to explode into clear alternatives: social disaster or social transformation, barbarism or socialism.

The insistent and powerful social movement that is connected with progressive political forms has become the worst nightmare of the ruling class. This is why the government responded without arguments, but with repression. Out of the fear of its own decay and burial, it launched a series of repressive measures. The list is long: criminalizing the Committee Against Corruption, spreading fear among protesters by imposing fines for alleged organizers and participants of the protests, telling public servants not to join protests, criticizing media for their independent reports, manipulating the public in all the media, and massively recruiting for the security services.

Unknown said...

Neolineralism, let the capital go free without State intervention has proved to be catastrophic as new very creative ways to take people's money appear every year.
But the other way, socialism, is as bad. Europe is in crisis because of irresponsible socialist governments everywhere indebting their contries to the point of bankruptcy, to support an artificial welfare state, and now it's time to pay, and as usual, the people pays, never big banks (except in Hungary).
It's clear there must be a balance between free market and public control, but maybe the problem is bigger than we think. Why countries have to get indebt to support the well being of their citizens? why Europe can't produce the richness they used to in the past? where did the industry, that made Europe powerful and rich, go?. The answer is China, China is sucking Europe's blood. In order to lower production costs industrials are taking from Europe their investments and their jobs, but products don't get cheaper, they just keep the profit. In my opinion ths is the long term issue to consider.

Anonymous said...

All Wars Are Bankers Wars

Anonymous said...

Energy Geopoltics The Economic and Social Crisis in Bulgaria

Bulgaria...largest mass price hikes...It was this very government and big time players from Washington who made the events unfold this way.
...Nancy E. McEldowney United States Ambassador to Bulgaria...Bulgaria relies on Russia for seventy percent of its total energy needs and over ninety percent of its gas». The vulgar imagination of Ambassador made her see «Bulgaria...perceived lack of options»...«Though previously a net exporter of electricity, the EU’s decision to force closure...nuclear plant ...cost the Bulgarian economy over USD 1.4 billion and put a squeeze on Serbia, Macedonia and Greece, who had purchased the bulk of the exports». She recommended...rely on US technologies offered by Chevron and Westinghouse....Bulgarian media launched a campaign against Russian gas suppliers ...Bulgarian mass media spread the information...The slander didn’t live long... The concocted story ended there, but the anti-Russian libel campaign was gaining momentum...
Somehow, nobody remembers ...European Commission said that Belene complied with the standards of power plants safety in Europe...Generation III...Over 30 Bulgarian national companies operate at full capacity and guarantee advantage of profitability...
What made the government of Boyko Brasov abandon the core energy project? The answer is obvious: the pressure exerted by the United States...US companies AES and Contour Global acquired two Bulgarian thermal were to pay off...Americans lobbied the contract duration of 15 years...Bulgarians were to pay ever growing prices for the energy produced...US did its best to avoid competition...
Hillary Clinton gave a warm welcome to the Belene abandonment decision...Bulgaria won’t get cheap energy...United States as a partner...a number of American firms are well-positioned..refusal to build Belene as a threat to national security...didn’t meet the national interests. ...Bulgarian consumers would pay the price for the «irresponsible decision because the country would face the need to import electricity at tariffs that a majority of Bulgarians would find unbearable». The energy crisis would set in the following dozens of years. Bulgaria was doomed to be a victim of energy dependence and deficit that would diminish the population by one third till 2050. That is by the end of this time the population would be 3.5 million like it was by the end of Turkish yoke that lasted five centuries...Bulgaria pulled out of the Belene project as a result of unprecedented pressure from the United States and the European Union…The US Ambassador...lobbying of US Chevron and Westinghouse energy giants interests...Bulgarians...lose many economic opportunities following the US geopolitical interests...The US never stops brainwashing top Bulgarian officials...former US Ambassador to Bulgaria...called back because he was not up to par. He didn’t defend the US companies interests vigorously enough and let happened what was to be avoided at all costs:...government cracked under the public protests pressure for environment protection...Chevron was banned to use fracking on Bulgarian soil...received a behind the closed doors thrashing from Barack Obama while on a visit to Washington...not to take part...under the US influence...real opportunity to bring down the costs and provide for cheap energy...the nuclear plant was a chance for low price electricity, new working places and industrial progress...the withdrawal from the Belene project was a great shame before the whole world...only US government friends have a chance to earn money in Bulgaria...the 20 years of pro-US policy dictated by some political circles makes the United States the most preferable nation...not easy to protect the national sovereignty as a result of the United Sates diplomatic pressure…

carlos broch said...

ethnic Russians (Slavs) are only 40% of Russia. Russia is a country of mixed majority

Putin is no different from the Zionist who control the West.
he oppresses own people(slavs) while licking ass of the Jews.

ethnic Russian is a people on the verge of extinction and big part of it is the fault of your beloved Putin.

_ You knew that only 40% of the Russian population is white / Slavic?
_ You know that majoritary ethnic Russian women are married out of your (40% of Muscovites for example) race?

Here are a few photos of white ethnic Russian girls with russian asians (Yakuts, Buryats, Kalmyks, Tatars, Bashkirs, Chuvash) and mongrels

white russian girl and buryat

white russian girl and tatar (or bashkir)

white russian girl and tatar (or bashkir)

white russian girl and korean

white russian girl and mongrel

white russian girl and armenian

_ You knew that in Russia have 2 million abortions every year and the vast majority are of ethnic Russian women married with ethnic Russian man ?
_ You knew during the Putin government in less than 10 years 15 million illegal immigrants settled around Moscow?
- You knew Putin created laws that criminalize criticism of the immigration and because of this more than 2000 Russian nationalists today live in penitentiaries?
you knew Putin banned the existence of political parties and nationalist movements so that many existing parties were extinguished by operation of law?

Putin: "Ukrainian nationalists want to expel 'negroes, moscals and jews' from Ukraine"
In Russia-EU summit press conference Putin clarifies to the Western press who they are supporting. Interestingly enough this has not been translated or reported except in Russia's MSM:


"Support for Operation Protective Edge, Israel’s military effort to stop Hamas’ incessant rocket attacks against Israel’s civilians, is coming directly from the Kremlin.
“I am closely tracking what is happening in Israel,” Russian President Vladimir Putin remarked in a meeting on Wednesday with a delegation of Chief Rabbis and representatives of the Rabbinical Center of Europe.
The purpose of the meeting, according to the Kremlin, was to discuss joint efforts to prevent the rewriting of history, the fight against neo-Nazism and neo-fascism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism.
“It is important to discuss the subject of the Holocaust of the World War II era. There are Holocaust survivors among the rabbis, they have their personal, dramatic stories,” Rabbi Alexander Boroda, President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, told Interfax-Religion."


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