Masat-1, the first all Hungarian made satellite was put into orbit one year ago

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Masat-1, the first all Hungarian made CubeSat was put into orbit one year ago and so far, it has exceeded all expectations. Originally, the experimental satellite was made to work for a few months; it is in space for over a year and it is still working flawlessly.

For the occasion, the Masat team threw a birthday party at the Technical University where journalists learned that the first Hungarian made satellite revolved around the earth five thousand times in a 300 to 1450 km elliptical orbit. It sent more than five million packets of data and 150 pictures to the control center.

Recently, it moved 200 km closer to the earth, which means that it still can operate at least, two more years without problem said the creators of Masat-1. At the first anniversary of its launch each redundant subsystems and primary circuit of the satellite are working flawlessly, so the chances of further long-term trouble-free operation is assured said project manager Gyula Horvath.

The Masat team is already working on the more ambitious Masat-2 project that the Hungarian government supports with 6.4 million HUF.

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