Rather than chasing gypsy criminals police harassing local residents

Friday, February 22, 2013

The folks of Jánosháza have been fighting for a local police station for a long time as gypsy criminals make their lives real difficult due to constant crop theft and break-ins. Last year, they dream came true as a brand new police station opened its doors to the public; everybody was anxious and full of expectations hoping that from now on, they can sleep in peace.

Hopes however, quickly turned into outrage and disgust, as police officers started harassing the hardworking residents of the village for the most trivial things including traffic violations or missing bike lights rather than chasing gypsy criminals.

The other day several old ladies complained that they received a fine of five thousand forints for riding their bicycles late in the evening without lights as police consider this a serious traffic violation.

Due to the constant police harassment, residents of the village regretting that they lobbied for the establishment of the local police department. They were better off just by themselves because they developed some survival skills already and even by losing some crop to gypsies it cost less than the fines and the constant worry about the next one.

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