Spiritually retarded aliens are not welcome in Délvidék

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The president of “Magyar Remény Mozgalom” (MRM) Bálint László said in a press-release that parties and individuals that campaigned against the dual citizenship act on December 5, 2004 are not welcome in Délvidék (Due to the division of Hungary in Trianon, Délvidék currently belongs to Serbia.)

The Délvidék politician pointed out that the president of the Hungarian Socialist Party, Attila Mesterhazy announced in Kolozsvár that more excursions were being planned to Felvidék, Kárpátalja and Délvidék in the coming months. In the mean time, Ferenc Gyurcsany the leader of the most sinister satanist crime network called Democratic Coalition praised the division of Hungary in Trianon in a public forum in Komárom and attacked the law that grants voting rights to Hungarians living in the lost territories.

The “Magyar Remény Mozgalom” asking the Hungarian Socialist Party, the Democratic Coalition and individuals associated with these parties to stay out of Délvidék because they are not welcome here. If they do come “Magyar Remény Mozgalom” (Hungarian Hope Movement) will follow them and demonstrate against their presence wherever they go. Any ethnic Hungarian politician in Délvidék who is willing to talk any of these vile characters will be condemned as a traitor said Bálint László.

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President Barack Obama Boy Scouts should be open to gay members

Western leadership leading to terminal decline.

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama says the Boy Scouts of America should open its membership to gays and lesbians when its national executive board discusses the issue this week.

Obama praised the scouts as "a great institution" that promotes young people, giving them lifelong leadership training and opportunities. During a pre-Super Bowl interview on CBS, he said "no one should be barred from that."

The Scouts' national leadership is mulling scrapping the mandatory exclusion of gay members. Instead, the group could allow different religious and civic groups that sponsor Scout units to decide for themselves how to address the issue — either maintaining the exclusion or opening up their membership.

Even though the Irving-based Boy Scouts reaffirmed the no-gays policy just seven months ago, the proposal is expected to be discussed, and possibly voted on, at the meeting of the Scouts' national executive board, which begins Monday.

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Freud's Part in Our Satanic Possession

Sigmund Shlomo Freud's career illustrates how a satanic cult, the Illuminati, cast its morbid spell over humanity.

The Illuminati sprung out of the Sabbatean Jewish heresy of the 17th century.

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) was a Sabbatean who sold his perverted satanist beliefs to the world in the guise of science and medicine. The Illuminati-controlled media and education system hailed him as a great prophet.

The Sabbateans were a sex cult that indulged in every sexual perversion imaginable as a way of spitting in God's eye. This is what satanists do: incest, pedophilia, orgies, homosexuality, everything that is unnatural and unhealthy.

Freud and his B'nai Brith (Illuminati) backers convinced the world that sexual desire (libido) is the primary motivation of human life, and that sexual satisfaction is the universal panacea. He taught that repressing sexual urges is harmful and results in neuroses. He taught that males experience castration anxiety and females suffer penis envy.

As an overture to incest and pedophilia, he taught that children have sexual feelings for their opposite-sexed parents and feel hostility to their same-sex parent. At the extreme, his "Oedipus Complex" states that a boy subconsciously wants to kill his father and rape his mother.

The philosopher Karl Popper said Freudian psychoanalysis is as devoid of scientific method as palm reading. Freud's Oedipus Complex "has absolutely no scientific basis."

Typical of a Satanist, Freud denied man's spiritual dimension, our hunger for God exemplified by our spiritual ideals like harmony, love, truth and beauty.


Sigmund Freud illustrates that modern culture is controlled by a satanic cult, to degrade and enslave mankind. We have been duped by Satanists in the guise of science and medicine.

Satanists promote sexual excess and deviance to enslave humanity. "Anything goes," is the satanist watchword. Freud gave society permission to go hog wild.

Free sex tramples marriage and family, institutions necessary for social stability and health. It debases every human relationship to the lowest common denominator, sex. It presents sex and "relationships" as the single gateway to personal development and happiness.

For the past 200 years, progress and enlightenment have been measured in terms of increased sexual license, until today we genuflect at the obscene antics of obese, naked "gay pride" paraders.

This is "progress" in satanic terms. We are the victims of a diabolical multi-generational conspiracy which grows more brazen every day.

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