The all Hungarian made Puli Lunar rover is ready for action

Monday, February 11, 2013

Puli Space Technologies Ltd. team will test its Puli Lunar space vehicle under "Martian" conditions in Morocco between February 1 – 28 as part of a space project organized by the Austrian Space Forum.

The Puli Lunar rover is Hungary's entry into Google Lunar X Prize, international competition. The model has been revealed to the public Friday last week in Budapest.

As part of a series of tests called MARS2013, all invited teams carry out simulated Mars mission experiments between February 1 – 28. Although the Puli Lunar rover has been developed for the moon the experiment is a great opportunity for engineers to test the vehicle's stability, reliability and readiness.
Team members control the Lunar Rover from Budapest. About one hundred twenty researchers from twenty countries take part in the experiments.

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