The Hungarian flag was banned during “Szolnok Olaj” vs “Hapoel Holon” basketball match in Szolnok

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

At the EuroChallange Cup basketball match between “Szolnok Olaj” and the Israeli “Hapoel Holon” in Szolnok on Tuesday organizers didn't let fans carrying Hungarian flags entering the sport center.

Apparently, the request of the ban came from the Israeli team and organizers of the game slavishly complied with the request even without questioning the reason behind it.

Besides the Hungarian flag, the Székely flag and the use of banners were also outlawed during the match.

When it became clear that organizers were not joking fans left the sport center and boycotted the game.

What kind of world are we living in when a foreign country can outlaw the national flag of the host nation? This is really humiliating. Do organizers realize that this is our country and not an “earth pile” that foreigners can use the way they want it said the fans after leaving the sport center.

Outlawing the national flag in a sport event is unprecedented by any standard; it can never happen for instance, at Ajax Amsterdam soccer games where more Israeli flags can be seen than the actual symbols of the soccer club said the fans.

And what was the justification behind the unprecedented police presence, which was conspicuous both in and around the sport center, but officers also mingled with spectators in the viewing area; even a 50 member swat team was deployed while the Israeli security chief constantly watched the spectators.

Due to the extraordinary security measures and the fact that hardcore fans boycotted the match, the sport event completely lost its festive atmosphere.

By the way, the Hungarian basketball team won Tuesday's EuroChallange Cup game against Israeli “Hapoel Holon” by a score of 81-66.


The head of Jobbik Budapest wing György Szilagyi asked Interior Minister Sándor Pintér the following questions: On what grounds did police ban the national flag? What kind of security risk did the national flag pose for Israeli athletes?

Szilagyi also wants to know why Szolnok mayor Ferenc Szalay -- who is also the president of the National Sport and Tourism Committee and chairman of the basketball federation – did nothing against this scandalous decision.


Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county police department issued a statement denying the “rumors” of the heavy police presence around the sport center; they claim that only two police officers patrolled the area and it was not them but the organizers of the game that prohibited the national flags inside the sport center. This contradicts to hundreds of spectators accounts that are saying the exact opposite.

In the mean time, officials of the sport club and the organizers of the event wrapped themselves in deep silence refusing to answer any question regarding the scandal.

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Anonymous said...

Banning ones national flag within a country is the act of a traitor and should be against the law to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Zionists strictly control Western, US media Scott Rickard

Press TV: How does the banning of Iranian TV channels and radio channels mix with Europe’s claim of free speech?

Rickard: It is obviously a chance for them to cover up the truth coming out of world media. Thankfully, Press TV gives voice to the voiceless like myself and they do not like it. I mean, Press TV puts out some extremely controversial pieces that expose the underbelly of Western censorship.

The censorship is actually happening in my society. Most people watch TV in the United States and they know nothing about world affairs. Thankfully, stations like Press TV are giving the chance for people to talk about things in the open.

Press TV: It is interesting we see a lot of Israeli influence in this chain of censorship. Just how much Israeli power is there, in the Western media?

Rickard: It is incredible. I mean, the political Zionist movement absolutely controls media on the Western side and in fact globally and it goes all the way down to Australia; you have got far eastern and you have got Indian television. It just goes on and on.

The British Empire was very effective at controlling the media. I mean they have been hammering Iran for over a hundred years, overthrowing their governments and they are doing all kinds of criminal warfare in and around the area.

These governments go after mostly brown societies. You look how rarely they fight the white societies but they are constantly in Africa and the Middle East and South Asia, all over Southeast Asia. I mean, there is an incredible amount of basically double-edged media. The media constantly is not criticizing the West for their incredible imperialism and terror around the world.

Press TV: And do you think we will see similar events happen in the future and so the ultimate question is that what will the future have and hold for free speech?

Rickard: It is not looking good. I mean you have an incredible control. One of the better guys in the United States [I am] following is Mickey Huff with Project Censored. He talks a lot about censorship.

There is a lot of censorship in the United States and there is a whole lot of problem with that and it has been going on for over a hundred years. So the problem we run into is that most people are not paying attention and they are over-entertained and they are very misinformed in the Western societies.

So until more focus by small groups of people that are seeing the problem until that focus becomes more censored and they start working closer together, a lot more people will continue to be fooled by Western media.

Géza said...

this is ofcourse another 'political correct' behaviour of what happened in Szolnok.

These kind of things really have to stop in Hungary! We really have to get rid of the West, before it destroys us...

Anonymous said...

No, don't get rid of the West, together we will fight for a Happy New Europe!!!

Greetings from Sweden.

p.s. Congratulations on your new constitution. Great!

Anonymous said...

I guess if they banned both Hungarian and Israeli flags than it is fair.

Szebbjovot said...

No it would not be fair. Why should the Hungarian flag be banned in Hungary??

Anonymous said...


An old demand of Humanity became a great true during our days, so many years after physical death of Adolf Hitler.

And, of course, the Fuehrer was absolutely right!

Aristotle [a modern Greek]

Anonymous said...

Jews - what else do you expect from such a--holes?
They've been hated by everyone for a simple reason: They simply can't stop poking their hooked noses in everyone else's lives.

Jews banning someone elses flag - in their own country! The f-ckin nerve of these KIKES..

Sometimes, one wishes the holocaust actually did happen..



Actually, this is the only priority if Humanity wishes to survive, otherwise no future for cows!

Anonymous said...

Standard Israeli paranoia. There is no one they won't offend. The only flag they recognise is the cult's star of David. They won't be satisfied until it trumps all others.

Anonymous said...

This is all about Free Speech. After all the gov’t (and their corporate cronies) censor the media and ban books like “America Deceived II”.
Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely censored:

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Israel: Second to All

Anonymous said...

As usual the political correct drones who are scared to offend bow down to unreasonable requests (read orders) from a state so mired in its own insecurity and desperation to be perpetual victims. The people responsible have by their actions committed an act of treason and sedition and are willing partners to the suppression of their own peoples rights, such a basic act as flying a flag in support of your national team, or local team is hardly one of international diplomatic perfidy. To the loyal and patriotic people of Hungary, get these people where it hurts, at the ballot box, remove them from your system of government and kick them off the gravy train they signed on for.

Anonymous said...

Time to buy rope...

hp said...

The Israeli national anthem = "Onward Christian Soldiers"

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