Jobbik and Polish patriot groups have common objectives

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gábor Vona's January 26 state of the nation address event has been attended by besides several diplomatic invitees, Mlodziez Wszechpolska (All-Polish Youth) delegation to whom Vona gave a special greeting during his speech.

Jobbik and Mlodziez Wszechpolska Movement started developing friendly relations in 2009. Since then, members of the two organizations regularly visiting each other's political events. Last summer, a large group of Polish youth arrived in Magyar Sziget -- the largest nationalist Hungarian youth festival of the year. On November 11, 2012 nearly 120 Hungarian radicals (including HVIM and Jobbik Youth Branch) took part in Poland's largest annual event, the Independence Day March that had been attended by more than 50 thousand people.

Jobbik's January 26 season opening event has been attended by Witold Tumanowicz and Michał Kowałczyk representing Mlodziez Wszechpolska. Witold Tumanowicz is one of the founders of the Marsz Niepodległosci Movement and Michał Kowalczyk is a member of the organization's foreign affairs cabinet. While in Hungary, the Polish delegation met Jobbik President Gábor Vona and Witold Tumanowicz talked to N1 TV about the links between Jobbik and Mlodziez Wszechpolska and the challenges ahead of the Polish nationalist movement.

The Polish nationalists have major challenges ahead of them this year because soon, they form their own party. In some ways, their party will be structured like the Jobbik party. The formation of a Polish national party had been announced during last year's Independence Day celebration. The founding congress of the new party is expected sometime this summer. The Polish nationalists are planning to run candidates in the 2014 European Parliamentary elections. The new party will be called Ruch Narodowy, (National Movement).

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Anonymous said...

They have their work cut out for them - more than ever...
It has become a crisis, and for the Hungarian nation it is boiling down to simple survival in the long run.

The Bolshevik experience, the Palesinians' experience are clearly demonstrative of likely outcomes.

Remember S.Peres: "We bought up Poland, Hungary..." (with STOLEN American money - by Wall St. bankers)

"Zionists are playing a special role in deceiving the world and they know what they are doing in the US and Europe. They are taking over the places of wealth, money, and politics in deceiving the world and strive to dominate all of these sectors through the destruction of cultures, economies, and wars.”

Anonymous said...

US global democratization campaign
by PressTVGlobalNews

Anonymous said...

Beware of strangers bearing gifts.

Ancient Order Knights of Malta, Militia to the Pope, Seeks New Blood

Anonymous said...

This would be reason enough for me to start a true conservative party in Poland:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @3:56

This Yahoo news story is an excellent propaganda example - how the Frankfurt School Culture Marxism - with their Liberalism agenda, their Liberal media (propaganda) tool operate - appeal to the emotions, create a Dialectical Tension ( with a complete "Disney" narrative. The "poor" under-dog being picked-on by society. The narrative conjures up sympathy and identity - pure emotional manipulation.

The reality is most people couldn't care less about others' private lives. Most people just want the government to deliver a service / administration correctly without the politics and manipulation - the State is not the Social or spiritual leader - just do a job and shut-up. But the Marxists engineer a nanny-state narrative - the State is the (paternal) arbitrator and social leader.

Just (the State) make sure the roads are paved, the water flows and the electricity is on - see if they can do that correctly, efficiently and without corruption !

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