Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in Budapest on Tuesday for an official visit to Hungary

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was greeted with military honors at the Parliament Building by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

After the official part of the ceremony ended, the two sides retreated in the parliament where official meetings began.

"Very few leading countries in the world today can boast with such an resounding economic success than Turkey” said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in his opening speech. The Hungarian prime minister stressed that the Turkish example is an encouragement for Hungary as well; it says, if a nation can joining forces and their leaders can draw up viable economic plans everything is possible said Orbán.
Orbán announced that the Hungarian government adopted the Turkish proposal to create a top-level strategic board, which will be responsible for ensuring communication and cooperation between the two governments. The cabinet also approved the Turkish proposal to set up a Joint Working Group to assess energy cooperation between the two countries. The most immediate goal is to increase trade between the two countries so that it can reach 5 billion euros within a few years. There are just a few obstacles that hinder trade relations, but these will be removed over time. Orbán reiterated Hungary's unconditional support for Turkey's membership in the European Union.

PM Orbán said Hungary wanted Turkey to lift visa requirements for Hungarian citizens because after Croatia, Turkey is the most visited tourist destination of Hungarian citizens. The prime minister stressed that he would welcome if Turkish officials could accelerate the recognition of Hungarian university diplomas as well. In addition, the Hungarian prime minister expressed the need for allowing Hungarian companies to participate in Turkey's nuclear energy programs.
The two sides also discussed foreign policy related issues, including the situation in Syria.

Regarding cultural issues, PM Orbán remarked that Hungary would like to open a Hungarian Cultural Center in Turkey similar to Turkish Cultural Center in Hungary.
The Hungarian government approved the Turkish proposal regarding the renovation and preservation of Turkish cultural heritage in Hungary.

In summary, the Hungarian prime minister stressed that Tuesday's talks confirmed that Turkey and Hungary are strong allies.

Prior to the international press conference, the two countries signed a cooperation agreement on the preservation of Turkish cultural heritage in Hungary.
The Prime Minister's State Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations Péter Szijjártó had previously said that economic links between the two countries including in industrial, agricultural and transport area are also on the agenda.
The chart shows dynamically growing Hungarian export to Turkey

Szijjártó highlighted that Turkey is Hungary's sixth most important non-EU trading partner. The value of trade between 2002 and 2011, grew four-fold. Turkish investments in Hungary in 2011 was € 3.7 million; about 300 Turkish companies are operating in Hungary.

In the afternoon the two prime ministers attended a Turkish-Hungarian Business Forum in Budapest where the Turkish prime minister called his visit in Hungary a resounding success. He believes that his visit will contribute to the acceleration of political and economic improvements in bilateral relations between the two countries.

The Turkish prime minister spoke about the two countries' common history, language and family ties that now, have to be enhanced with closer cooperation. Recep Tayyip Erdogan stressed that he supports Hungary's Eastern partnership policy that Turkey has already benefited a great deal, especially, in a time when European markets are contracting.

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Géza said...

"Orbán reiterated Hungary's unconditional supports for Turkey's membership in the European Union."

Orbán doesn't know who is dealing with, he is playing with fire, Erdogan is a fanatic moslim and said a lot of dangerious things already.

Next to this, Turkey is as dangerious as the Ottoman empire was for us.
The want to built their empire again. Only they play the game differently these days. The turlish government is very clear about their islamic aspirations in Europe...AND islam doesn't see any religion as equal.

"The Hungarian government approved the Turkish proposal regarding the renovation and preservation of Turkish cultural heritage in Hungary.

this is one way how they begin, next it will be immigration of turks into the country (like this prime-minister Erdogan said about western europe, that said "The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.")

Turkey for its help will demand a lot of muslims immigrants (turkish and third world) into the country and this will destroy our society as it is doing in the West for decades now....

It is surprising to see how few hungarians no anything about the real face of islam and moslims... especially on a higher level. Will our eyes be opened when it is to late like in the West? I hope not!

HungarianAmbiance said...

"Turkey for its help will demand a lot of muslims immigrants (turkish and third world) into the country and this will destroy our society as it is doing in the West for decades now...."

The claim that the west has been destroyed by Muslims is based on optical illusions. It was destroyed by some other force.

Anonymous said...

We should stay away from Turks as far as we can get. We had a good 600 years before Mohacs (with some ups an downs). Then came the Turks or rather they prevailed, after a 100 year plus period of relentless attacks on HU. Until then, Hungary was one of the few unified kingdoms in Europe. The Turks were an unmitigated disaster, from which we did NOT even came CLOSE to recover during the following almost 500 years. In fact, I don't think anymore that we can.

They are like the goddmned plague. In this aspect, we should follow the Judaistic tenet: You don't forget nor forgive those who crippled you terminally. The Jews have not forgotten Spain's expulsion. We should not forget those who have ruined us. (Yes, ruined - as in done).

I feel nothing but contempt and want to spit on those, who even let build a Suleiman memorial at Szigetvar. You think the Jews would let a memorial built for Eichmann in Israel? After-all he died there.

What's the matter with us? We have no dignity left? No wonder I feel that the nation is toast - unfortunately the Jews know it too, who are salivating at the prospect of making Hungary their European "homeland" and keep a few hundred thousand Hungarians for slaves as they are doing with the Palestinian minority in Israel proper, who don't even have full citizenship rights in their own original homeland.

And the Turks are Muslims, whose religion never went through reformation and the enlightenment, like Christianity did. Islam is a dark, primitive, dogmatic bloodthirsty medieval belief and lifestyle(!) system with a horrid track record, devoid of humanity. The Turks look civilized today, but you just never know when will they revert to Asiatic Muslim savagery.

Anonymous said...

The Turks of Germany are unassimilable and a festering sore in the German nation. They are not Europens and don't behave like Europeans either.

They feel they have "rights" (at the expense of Germans) just because them or their parents went there to earn extra money.

It should be a very illustrative what happens when you let in Turks to live on the land your nation lived for over a 1000 years. They form claims, demand, and babble about "rights".
KEEP the OUT ant ANY cost.

Magyar said...

Unfortunatelly times have changed for us. We have very few friends left.

We are in such a situation, that we have to forgive (but not forget) our old enemies.

We really have no other choice, we are increasingly isolated, and economic co-operation with Turkey cannot be so bad.

I wish it wasnt like this, and that we could still say we have many friends in Europe, who we can co-operate with, who can help us return our stolen land. On our own, we are too weak for this.

But remember, we cannot trust anybody, except maybe the Poles.
It is just varying degrees of how much we dont trust other nations.

I personally trust Turkey more than Americans or Eurocrats in Brussels.

Magyar said...

What other alternatives are there?

Jobbik talked about a Croatian-Hungarian-Polish axis. That can be part of the solution, we could also work on the idea set by the Visegrád group. However as a Hungarian from the Northern Highlands I do not feel comfortable with "Slovakia" being a part of it.

We need to find a way to get ourselves off the German dependent economy, and Turkey is a part of the answer, but not the solution.

Anonymous said...

We need a Pan-Eastern / Central Europe North - South "loose" TRADE confederation - each nation maintains full sovereignty - don't cede powers to centralized administrations - use multi-lateral trade agreements with each country maintaining full control over implementation of the agreements. A trade + cultural block - no immigration.

A geographic "trade block" - from Estonia, Latvija, Lithuania, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Serbia (Balkans), Turkey, Greece. Optional "members" include Belaurus, Ukraine, Moldova,,Iran, Lebanon, Syria. Keep the agreement to trade + culture without the neo-liberal economics disaster - trade that benefits each nation and its people, not for the benefit of globalist financial capital. This is a +200 million people trade "block"(market) similar to the developing South American MERCOSOR trade block - keep foreign (Western) nations out !

A side benefit is to form a "wall" against Western cultural decadence trashing Western civilization.


Géza said...

"The claim that the west has been destroyed by Muslims is based on optical illusions. It was destroyed by some other force."

Ofcourse there is a "force" behind the destruction of the west a liberal one, who is also behind the immigration polici of mass immigration of third world immigrants into "white" countries. But this still doesn't mean that moslim immigrants are not a danger for our survival.

Look into the history of islam, what happened to countries and its ethnic groups when they arrived.

Mass immigration of mostly mosilm third world immigrants into western Europe and also the US, Canada and Australia will be the destruction of the Western nations as homgenious white ethnic groups.

No country or ethnic group can survive mass immigration of alien ethnic and cultural groups, especially those who are under the influence of a facsist religion like islam.

Wait till moslim immigrants take over our hungarian cities, see if our destruction is based on optical illusions...

I lived for a long time in the West and saw everything happening with my own eyes. And I will fight till the end to let this happen to my people and country!!

Géza said...

here some extra information about the real face of Turkey.

Turkey recently launched a campaign to retrieve Turkish children in European countries who have been taken from their parents and given to Christian couples!

Ayhan Sefer Ustun, head of the TPHRC (The Turkish Parliamentary Human Rights Commission) said he was concerned that the children would have their Turkish cultural background and Islamic religion “assimilated” by living with Christian European families.

If we would do something similar we be called racists and facists ect.
Why are we attacked (by the US, EU, UN, ect) when we want to keep our country ethnically and cultural hungarian?!

Again Turkey is not our friend at all, they are the same enemy as under the Ottoman empire. only with another stragedy, mass immigration of turks and third world (mostly moslim) immigrants into (white) Europe. Yes also Hungary.

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