Two members of the Temerin group Árpád Horváth and Zoltán Szakáll met parliamentarians in Budapest

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Árpád Horváth and Zoltán Szakáll have been released from Serbian jail under a general amnesty after serving 8 years for a brawl in 2005. In the politically motivated show trial five Hungarian youth were sentenced to 61 years in jail (not even war criminals receive such a draconian sentence) for a street fight with a Serbian drug dealer. The sentence was intended to intimidate the Hungarian community in Serbia that is under relentless attack by Serbian chauvinists.

Árpád Horváth and Zoltán Szakáll met pro-government and Jobbik representatives and talked about their trial and their determination to fight for the realese of their friends still in jail. They also talked about their politically motivated imprisonment and stressed that the attacks against the Hungarian community in Serbian is relentless.

Recently, seven Hungarian victims of a Serbian chauvinist attack have been arrested by Serbian police while the perpetrators are free; in other words, the intimidation of the Hungarian community in Serbia continues.

Árpád Horváth and Zoltán Szakáll remarked that since their release from jail, they have already reintegrated into their families and the Hungarian community however, their financial situation is very difficult because they can't find job due to high unemployment and discrimination.

(Note: The upsurge of anti-Hungarian attacks in Serbia is truly remarkable as both countries are in the same situation due to the fact that both lost large chunks of their former territories in staged international conflicts and wars. Hungary was partitioned by the very same forces that dismembered Serbia after the dissolution of Yugoslavia. The two countries suffered the same blows from the very same enemy, yet instead of joining forces Serbian chauvinist viciously attacking those that suffered the same fate as they did. The reason could be that the attackers have a guilty conscience as Serbia was one of the beneficiaries of the dismemberment of Hungary in 1919 by receiving a large chunk of the former territory of Hungary. What happened to Serbia after the fall of Yugoslavia could be a warning sign to other chauvinist states like Slovakia and Romania. Alliances and national interests are in constant flux, nothing is fixed once and for all; the injustice that is being done to an ethnic group today may blow up into the faces of those that perpetrating it tomorrow. Yugoslavia was the darling of the west during the cold war and look what happened to it. This may happen to other countries in the region as far as they don't realize that the only way to protect themselves is to join forces. But before they have to settle their differences that was manufactured by forces that want to colonize the entire region. Throughout the centuries the different nationalities lived harmoniously in the Carpathian Basin, until the satanist Habsburgs started pitting them against each other in order to consolidate their control over the region, and especially over Hungary that one way or another always fought against Habsburg colonization.)

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Anonymous said...

The usual suspects play the same divide and conquer strategy that has worked successfully for centuries. Time for folks to wake-up from their sleep-walking slumber. The mainstream media promotes a gullible - naive reality to produce dumb, docile, emasculated Sheeple. The reality is - the world operates by Mafia principles - Agenda Politics and Machiavellian manipulation.

'International banking cartels advancing imperial agenda'
by PressTVGlobalNews


Anonymous said...

The free-maçons are guilty.

Magyar said...

It is easy to scapegoat everything on Jews or Freemasons.

Come on people, I am what a liberal calls an "antisemitic Nazi", but to blame absolutely everything on them, including my favourite local football team losing yesterday is a bit much.

Serbs have their own crimes to be guilty of, it is too easy to blame it on someone else.

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