19 year-old Antoine Habash the athlete of Re-Gym is the new WAKO PRO world champion in K-1 60 kg

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Antoine Habash, the 19 year-old athlete of Re-Gym defeated reigning K-1 Wold Champion Milos Anics in Jagodina, Serbia and has become WAKO PRO new wold champion in K-1 60 kg.

Before the match, many people thought that winning against the experienced Serbian fighter on home soil was mission impossible. The young Hungarian fighter and his coach Thai-box legend György Rehák however, proved them wrong.

Before the match the trainer said: "Anics is an experienced and a strong competitor, Antoine must overwhelm him to win the match. I am confident that we will succeed; we traveled to Serbia for the world championship title!".

A dream has come true said Habash's coach György Rehák after the match. Antoine won the match both by hands and feet and he has won every round. He beat the defending champion on home soil, the judges were correct too said the coach. I am very proud of Antoine, the success is the result of true teamwork. Antoine's parents, the coaching team and the helpers like Roland Vörös and Tamás Birics also did their part. The professional championship title is a fantastic result, I hope this title will be remembered as one of the great achievements of a special fighter. There is a great future ahead of Antoine and we would like to manage his career wisely, since this is only the beginning of his career; we would like to win more titles in both amateur and professional fields.

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