85 year-old man was arrested for constructing an electrically charged fence to protect his property from gypsy criminals

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Police arrested a 85 year-old retired electrician in Tiszadob for constructing an electrically charged fence around his property to protect himself and his possessions from liberal sponsored gypsy criminals. The old man has been living in fear and terror as gypsy scum threatening him twenty-four hours a day stealing his possessions while police do nothing to protect him.

Law-enforcement agencies practically abandoned the elderly population in gypsy infested regions of the country and even forbid the destitute and helpless citizens to protect themselves.

As a last resort, the elderly man constructed an electrically charged fence and put a sign outside of it warning criminals that the fence was electrically charged.

A neighbor spotted the sign and reported the case to police that took the old man into custody and charged him with attempted murder.

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Anonymous said...

last year I got attacked, robbed, severely injured by a gang of gipsies, the Hungarian state authorities don´t do anything to solve the worldwide gipsy problem, just the own citizens are custodied - the same shit happens in Germany and all the "democratic" world states - when do politicians understand that the gipsies started a world war against all non-gipsy-people????? On which side of the crime is the police ?????

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