After a short excursion to Serbia, three time Olympic Champion Natasa Janics-Douchev returns to Hungary

Monday, March 11, 2013

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In a letter to the president of the Hungarian Canoe Federation, three-time Olympic champion kayaker Natasa Janics-Douchev indicated her intention to return to Hungary and continue competing under the Hungarian flag.

"I have to admit that the Hungarian canoeing and kayaking sports especially, the women division is the most powerful in the world".

"I've discussed my decision with my family and everybody supported my decision to return to Hungary,” writes Natasa.

She also announced that she withdraws her appeal with the International Canoe Federation aimed to overturn the Hungarian Canoe Federation decision to stop her competing for Serbia.

Perhaps, Natasa has needed this time to cool off and discover that she can easily join the Serbian national team, but her medal chances are another matter – to get into the Hungarian national team is much more difficult as every athlete of the national team is a potential medal winner.

"There are still some open questions: In what club will she continue to train and how can she come to terms with the bitterness and bad feelings she caused when left Hungary” said Attila Abraham the first secretary of the Hungarian Canoe Federation.

The head coach of the national team Botond Storcz however, is happy to see Natasa coming back to Hungary.

"This is a good news, I am glad that she changed her mind. The training period has already started, I hope she is also preparing for the new season" said Storcz.

Janics announced in September that she wanted to return to her native Serbia. The Hungarian Canoe Federation however, asked EUR 150 thousand from the Serbian Canoe Federation for letting Natasa go. The money however, has never arrived to the Hungarian Canoe Federation bank account, so it didn't issue the necessary permit that would have allowed Natasa to compete for Serbia. The Swiss-based International Canoe Federation (ICF) has also rejected her appeal.

Janics hasn't left Hungary, so we can't even talk about her return said the General Secretary of the Hungarian Canoe Federation Attila Abraham. It will be announced shortly in what club she will continue her sport career.

She came, she saw, she conquered then, she took a short excursion to Serbia and returned to the place where she became a world class athlete.

Presently, the three-time Olympic gold medalist is not a member of the Hungarian national team, as she missed the autumn selection meeting. Currently, she is not financed and supported by the Hungarian Canoe Federation. Janics' spokesperson Dávid Farkas remarked that by now, Janics realized that she made a mistake and brought a hasty decision in the fall, but "she was able to rise above it all."

Her former coach Katalin Rozsnyói said there is still lots of potential in Janics as she is an exceptional talent. Under the right direction, she can defeat even Danuta Kozák said the star coach.

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