Anti-Hungarian forces organizing a protest against PM Viktor Orbán in Brussels

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Foreign NGOs and Hungarian-haters from all walks of life organizing a protest against PM Viktor Orbán in Brussels on March 15 using the amendment of the constitution as a pretext.

The protest is planned at the Schuman square near the European Council's building.

Organizers of the protest are accusing the prime minister with “anti-democratic” tendencies by reciting the lies that the globalist press hammering for weeks; among others they claim that the amendment of the constitution restricts the Constitutional Court's judicial power, they also oppose the adoption of the law that forbids university students whose education have been financed by taxpayers to work abroad.

(Notes: The globalists are furious because despite all underhanded attacks the government's popularity is growing, while their puppets are losing support at alarming rate.)

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Anonymous said...

Don't fall into the trap that Fidesz is some great nationalist party. It isn't.

Anonymous said...

Rockefeller Brothers Fund We are Bribing and Manipulating into World Governance through Climate Change

Abstract: The unholy alliance between the Rockefeller and Rothschild dynasties has reached new heights of friendship and economic relations with RIT Capital Partners, part of the Rothschild banking family, having bought a stake in Rockefeller´s Financial Services. The Rockefeller dynasty is the political arm of the Rothschilds, co-owner and co-founder of the Fed, along with with Rothschild and his other stooges.

The Rockefellers have for Rothschild´s One World Government founded the globalist Clubs: The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) including its European daughter, the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome (with its Clubs of Madrid and Budapest), the Trilateral Commission. This alliance controls 90% of the mass media and Hollywood - and thus the news / falsehoods with which we are fed.
The CFR has just established its Council of Councils with global representation.

Now The Rockefeller Brothers’ Fund (RBF) has published a document: “Sustainable development program of the Rockefeller Brothers` Fund. Overview 2005-2010″
The BRF boasts of, as he gains through these tools our media, politicians and all of importance to their globalistisches program: He simply bribe them to meet up with all our strength for its hang-ups led the way in climate lie, the biggest of in the story, to make it strong. In addition, we observe the bribed by the Rockefellers also donated CIA that the bribed now deliver the goods!...
However, this is Hegelian: The Fund explains how it played the climate stooges off against its own oil and gas corporations. Reason: They wanted to bribe all - not least Christians, whom they have made believe to be God’s stewards of (Rockefellers´) nature, in order to buy influence on the development of their goal: Rothschild´s One World Government. In addition, the Fund bribed other “allied voices for climate protection”: corporations, investors, farmers, sportsmen, labor, military leaders, national security hawks, veterans, youth and governors and mayors - and they declare that it does not cost so many dollars to buy all of these people. Especially they stake on youth....

Major economic and political voices, including McKinsey and Company, The German Bank, the HSBC, The Financial Times, The Business Week, the National Governors Association, the U.S. Conference of Cities, more than half of U.S. governors and hundreds of mayors have strongly advocated the economic benefits of climate protection (Agenda 21: dictatorial urbanization and forbidding man access to nature, the ICLEI UN World Government) The Rockefellers are closely intertwined with the UN. The Fund has consciously worked to strengthen the relationship between these important voices in support of the thesis.

The CFR had gone so far as to propose a “Global Trust for the rule of law” (i.e. the rule of the CFR). David Rockefeller has designed in his “Studies Program” what this means: the CFR to rule the world. Business partners must be integrated, and this will motivate States to seek the help of (and dependence on) the Global Trust with a view to greater business investment. To avoid corruption of the Global Trust, the strongest of inspectors general must be employed.
Where are the voters here? The CFR governs without regard to the mob - for their corporations, the highest profits and the reduction of humanity through vaccination, poisoning (chemtrails, Monsanto GMO) and control of all by chipping.

Anonymous said...

The European Union Wants more Austerity

...The EU has only been able to impose its devastating austerity policies so far because the massive opposition to it has no independent political outlet. The responsibility lies with the unions and allegedly left and pseudo-left parties which suppress social resistance, divert it into harmless channels and—dressed up with a few critical phrases—defend the austerity measures the European Union...

Neoliberal Economic Austerity Measures in Portugal: Mass Protests Point to Government Crisis

...There is a popular tsunami against the austerity policies being imposed by the “troika” ― the European Central Bank, European Union (EU) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) ― as condition for the country receiving a 78 billion euro bailout...

Hugo Chavez: Friend of the American People, Enemy of US Hegemony and Washington’s Injustice

...Each of Washington’s puppets, from Asia to Europe and the Middle East, anxiously awaits the call that demonstrates Washington’s appreciation of his or her servitude to the global imperialist power that still occupies Japan and Germany 68 years after World War II and South Korea 60 years after the end of the Korean War and has placed troops and military bases in a large number of other “sovereign” countries...

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